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Producer: …Why did he give me this outfit to wear? Although it does make me feel a bit more confident, at least compared to the witch costume I had on before…
Producer: Maybe this is… a bat costume!
Banquet of Darkness 3 (1)
Eva: Com-plete-ly wrong! That’s a demon costume!
Producer: Ah, Eva–… Wait, woah, what an incredible costume you’re wearing!!
Eva: Yes, this Halloween party is sponsored by the designer who always makes our stage outfits.
Producer: When you say the people who make your costumes, do you mean that one famous designer…!?
Banquet of Darkness 3 (2)
Eva: It seems that they’re making quite a name for themselves in certain parts of town. Well, if you ask me, then I’d say they have talent that far exceeds that which humans can achieve.
Producer: If you’re saying that, then… They must be incredibly famous! I, I need to go pay my respects to them…
Eva: There’s no need. More importantly…
Eva: You should take advantage of an opportunity to not have to act as a producer, since you don’t often get such chances.
Eva: I’d been thinking that I’d like to give you an outfit that really suits you for quite a long time…
Producer: …Are you acting so happy for my sake?
Eva: I’m in high spirits merely because I’ve been very much looking forward to this day.
Banquet of Darkness 3 (3)
Eva: Hmm. Come a bit closer. It would be more natural that way.
Eva: The king of the underworld and his demon. We’re both of the same clan, aren’t we?
Producer: (Is that why he gave me a demon costume…? Perhaps he thought that it would only be right for me to stay close to him that way.)
Producer: (No… That’s probably not it. Well, no, maybe it could be…)
Banquet of Darkness 3 (4)
Eva: …What’s got you making faces like that?
Producer: Eh, that’s, well… Ah, that ring.
Eva: Ring? …Oh.
Producer: That one you’ve got matches the ring you gave me earlier, doesn’t it?
Eva: …I didn’t think you’d notice.
Eva: …Were you unhappy about matching with me?
Producer: …But you’d know whether I was unhappy or not without having to ask me, right? You know, with the power of darkness or something.
Eva: Exposing other people’s emotions is a foolish act, done in the vulgarity of those who are cruel. I don’t do such things. …So don’t avoid the question.
Eva: Look me in the eye and answer me honestly. Are you happy that we match?
Producer: …Yeah, I am happy!
Eva: !? I- I see! Then that makes me happy, too.
Banquet of Darkness 3 (5)
Eva: Now then, the night beckons. Tonight shall be a party for just you and I, my demon!


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