Because I have my friends 1 (1)
Leon: Jackajajaanjanjanja, jarajajaan ♪
Producer: ... Leon-kun, what are you doing?
Leon: Ah, Producer! Can't you see? Air guitar!
Producer: I can see that, but if you're practising guitar you should do that in the practise room, so why are you here... Never mind.
Producer: Your music is really loud. If you're listening to music at this volume it's really bad for your ears, you know?
Leon: Uwah, I did it a again? I'd turn up the volume once my spirit rises...
Leon: Ah, but listen, Producer! These headphones are the best! The sound's really good!
Producer: Aha. By the way, what were you listening to? Because I've never heard that song before.
Because I have my friends 1 (2)
Leon: Eh? The song I listened to just now?
Producer: Yes. A new song from your band? ... But it didn't really sound like a Lucas-kun-like song.
Leon: ... Are you curious? Or should I ask, did you like it?
Producer: It was a very catchy and cool sounding song. If you like, could you let me listen to it too?
Because I have my friends 1 (3)
Leon: Alright! You know, I'm really happy that you said it's a cool song, Producer!
Leon: This is a song I made back when I was in Britain, you know!
Producer: You made this song, Leon-kun?
Leon: That's right! It came out when I was doing various arrangements. I think it's kind of cool after listening to it after a long time.
Because I have my friends 1 (4)
Leon: ... but that said, no one else has ever listened to the song yet.
Producer: I see...
Producer: (A song Leon-kun made... What kind of song is it? I want to listen to the whole thing...)
Because I have my friends 1 (5)
Leon: If you're ready, please listen!
Producer: Of course!

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