Because I have my friends 2 (1)
Leon: I guess it was when I entered elementary school that I first held a guitar?
Producer: At that time it must have been a very tiny guitar.
Leon: It wasn't mine, it was my brother's.
Producer: Your big brother's?
Leon: Yeah. During the time my eight years older brother went to a public school, he'd pluck the strings of the guitar non-stop!
Because I have my friends 2 (2)
Leon: When he played the guitar at parties, he always looked really cool to me.
Leon: That's why, to become like my big brother, I secretly imitated holding the guitar.
Leon: Later I got an old guitar, but when I first started learning by imitating him, I couldn't get a grip of the strings at all. It was very frustrating.
Because I have my friends 2 (3)
Leon: Well, my hands were still really small, so of course I couldn't pluck the strings properly. But the child me didn't know that.
Leon: But I got awfully depressed, you know. "I don't have any talent!", that's what I thought. When I was crying a lot, a friend of my brother comforted me.
Producer: So it wasn't your brother.
Leon: Once my older brother gets absorbed in his own things, he didn't pay attention to me at all...
Producer: Something like this does sound a little like you, Leon-kun.
Leon: It does? Am I this cold-hearted!?
Producer: I'm not talking about cold-heartedness. See, once you start concentrating on something, you easily forget the time.
Leon: Ah... Maybe I am guilty of this.
Producer: By the way, what is your brother doing now?
Leon: My brother is continuing to be someone I admire now as well. He might be still vigorously playing the guitar in Britain.
Leon: ... Come to think of it, I haven't seen everyone at all, but I wonder if they are alright.
Producer: ... You never returned once since you came here, didn't you.
Leon: Well, not just me, everyone in the band is like that.
Producer: ... Do you sometimes think you want to go back to your country?
Because I have my friends 2 (4)
Leon: Hm... Not sure.
Leon: I'd be lonely if I return to my country.
Producer: Isn't not being able to meet your family and friends a lonely thought for you, Leon-kun?
Leon: Putting that aside for now. I want to know what you think of me, Producer.
Producer: (When Leon-kun is gone...?)
Producer: ... I'd definitely be lonely.
Because I have my friends 2 (5)
Leon: Hehe! I'm relieved knowing that you'd be lonely.
Leon: If I'm this much in your heart, it means I've become a very important existence to you!

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