Because I have my friends 3 (1)
Leon: It cleared up! The clouds are all gone, maybe I'm really someone who brings sunshine with him! The perfect weather for a photo shooting!
Producer: ...
Leon: Hm, wait? What's wrong, Producer. Aren't your spirits low since morning?
Producer: ... Leon-kun's spirit is just too high.
Leon: ... I wonder what that depressed face means? The face that you have right now, Producer. Did something happen? Are you just tired?
Because I have my friends 3 (2)
Leon: Haa! Could it be that you're worn out because of me... aah! You can't deny it! I'm an idiot!
Producer: No, because that's not it.
Leon: Then why are you making this face?
Producer: ... I still think a lot about something of the story I listened to the other day.
Producer: I wonder if it isn't fine if everyone would take some time to return home once in a while...
Producer: I didn't take this into consideration at all... I just went on about work and more work.
Leon: Eh, you're worried about such a thing?
Producer: What does that...!
Because I have my friends 3 (3)
Leon: We don't really think about returning home to our countries. It's fun being in a band with everyone here.
Leon: And above all that, you're here.
Producer: But I thought maybe being in an unknown place makes you have a lonely feeling...
Leon: You shouldn't really care about that.
Producer: I do care. I also live alone and get lonely sometimes, so wouldn't living in a different country make you lonely?
Leon: I see. Hm...
Leon: Then let's hold hands! It won't be lonely like this!
Producer: Eh...?
Because I have my friends 3 (4)
Leon: Beause you feel lonely, right Producer?
Producer: No! I wasn't talking about me, it's you guys...!
Leon: But when we're returning to our counties, wouldn't you feel lonely, Producer?
Leon: Don't you make this depressed face because you imagine this and get lonely?
Producer: That is... right, however, but I wasn't talking about me...!
Leon: We are not lonely. Even if we don't see our families, even if we don't see our friends, because we have us.
Leon: Besides, you making that face feels really lonely.
Producer: Uhm...
Leon: You see, even if by any chance I thought "I'm lonely too!"
Leon: If we hold hands like this, I won't even have the time to think about being lonely.
Leon: Like this, we would kill two birds with one stone, right? Wah, I said something really clever just now!
Producer: Ahaha. That's enough, Leon-kun. You were on the way of becoming really cool, but you messed up.
Leon: Eh?! Really?! Why can't I decide how to end it? The way of the English gentleman is a mystery...
Producer: Fufu, but thank you.
Because I have my friends 3 (5)
Leon: Yes! After all, Producer's smile is the cutest thing in the world!

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