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If you have lost your account or simply want to contact the staff you can do so via their contact page.

You can contact them ingame too via other -> support.
However, if you have lost your account you have to contact them via the webpage.
If you click on "send mail" an automatically generated email form will pop up. Just fill the missing things out.
No matter where you contact the staff, the email has to be in japanese. They won't take care of emails which aren't in japanese.
If you're writing them via the webpage because you have lost your account you can copy this form.



・生年月日: __月 __日


Translation of that would be

To whom it may concern,

Because of an error I had to re-install the game. I was not able to generate a transfer code and lost my account. Is it possible to recover it?

The data of my account was
・Application start date:
・User ID:
・Birthday: __ Month __ Day
・User Rank:
・Cards held:
・New user ID:
・Phone model:

I apologize for my poor Japanese. Thank you very much!

If you should not know one of these you can add in 知らない [I don't know] or 忘れました [I forgot].
If you should attach a screenshot of your cards to the mail add in カードのスクリーンショットを添付されました [I attached a screenshot for the cards] into the field where it's asked about your cards.
You don't need to list all your cards. Adding in the card numbers alone should be fine.

After you sent the mail you might receive a mail instantly, saying that the staff will take care of your mail asap.
It might take them up to 3 days to send you a mail with your new transfer code back.

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