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Producer: Mutsuki-kun, wake up.
Mutsuki: Mm… Sensei?
Producer: I can’t believe you’d fall asleep in such a short amount of time… Are you really that tired?
Being lured by the smell 2 (1)
Mutsuki: Yeah. I mean, it smells so nice here…
Producer: (I don’t really get what he means, but… Mutsuki-kun’s really sensitive to minute things like that.)
Producer: In any case, Mutsuki-kun. I’ve been looking for you.
Mutsuki: For me?
Producer: No matter where I looked for you in the school building, I couldn’t find you. I was a mess.
Mutsuki: Hey, Sensei?
Producer: Yeah?
Mutsuki: Sensei, why do you smell so good?
Producer: I do? What are you talking about? Are you still half asleep, maybe?
Mutsuki: I mean, come on…
Producer: UWAH…!?
Being lured by the smell 2 (2)
Mutsuki: Yeah. You really do smell good.
Producer: Mutsuki-kun, no matter how much you say that you like how someone smells, it’s not very polite to just stick your face near someone’s neck all of a sudden, you know?
Mutsuki: I guess. But you said I was wrong, so I had to check.
Producer: Still, though…!
Being lured by the smell 2 (3)
Mutsuki: Sensei. Did you know your face is red? Maybe you’re embarrassed that I was right about you smelling good?
Producer: Th- That’s not…
Mutsuki: Okay, then let me sniff you one more time.
Producer: Oh, enough, Mutsuki-kun!
Being lured by the smell 2 (4)
Mutsuki: Hehe, I made you mad. I’m sorry, Sensei. I won’t do it anymore, so don’t look at me like that.
Producer: …Anyway, we’re going to be filming a promo video tomorrow, so… Hey, Mutsuki-kun, are you listening to me?
Mutsuki: Uh-huh… I’m listening. We’re filming tomorrow. Which means… Yawn~…
Being lured by the smell 2 (5)
Mutsuki: I’ll do my very best, starting tomorrow! Okay then, good niii~ght…
Producer: H-hey, hold on, Mutsuki-kun!? I’m not done talking yet… No, more importantly!
Producer: Don’t fall asleep right here~!


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