Producer: (Lessons are over for the day! …Actually, now that I think about it, there is something I have to make sure I got tell Mitsurugi-kun.
Producer: I hope he’s still in the classroom…)
Producer: Ah, Mitsurugi-kun. Good timing–
Being old enough to know better 1 (1)
Akira: Ooh, can I interpret that reaction to wanting to come see me however I’d like to?
Producer: ……
Akira: …Producer?
Producer: Ah, I’m sorry. I was just a bit… Ahaha.
Akira: You’ve usually got something to say back to my jokes, but nothing today?
Producer: That is, well…
Akira: Don’t hide anything, okay? Since you did say that we should both get to know each other better.
Producer: I was just…thinking that I can’t get used to it.
Akira: Get used to what?
Producer: Seeing you in a school uniform.
Being old enough to know better 1 (2)
Akira: Yeah. I’ve given up on trying to say anything about it. I know the intention is to wear it for a while so I don’t seem out of place, but…
Akira: This jacket just doesn’t work at all, huh?
Producer: I think it looks good on you. You just don’t give off the impression of being a student…
Akira: I don’t want to wear clothes that I’m too old for either, but since it’s the academy’s policy I can’t do much about it.
Producer: I guess you can’t, can you?
Akira: Although it’s obvious like this that I’m a student who should ask for instruction from a teacher such as yourself.
Akira: Say, Sensei.
Producer: (My hand…)
Akira: What are you going to teach me today?
Being old enough to know better 1 (3)
Akira: Seeing as we’ve both met up in the classroom with no one else around, won’t you give me a private lesson, just the two of us?
Producer: That’s a bit, um…
Akira: Oh? But I heard that you met with Kanata for voice lessons.
Being old enough to know better 1 (4)
Akira: So you will for Kanata, but not me?


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