Being old enough to know better 2 (1)
Akira: So you’ll give private lessons to Kanata, but not to me?
Producer: There’s something wrong with the way you’re phrasing that.
Producer: …And anyway, there aren’t any courses that you’d need a private lesson for, are there?
Akira: Is this your way of saying that you’re acknowledging my talent as an I-Chu?
Producer: …I guess?
Being old enough to know better 2 (2)
Akira: Fufu. Don’t look so irritated, Producer.
Akira: When you think about it, you probably shouldn’t have told me that you couldn’t get used to seeing me in my uniform.
Akira: I got kind of annoyed, so I wanted to tease you a little.
Producer: So you’re saying that you only behave like a student when it benefits you…
Being old enough to know better 2 (3)
Akira: Well, no matter how I act, I’m still a real student, aren’t I?
Producer: Sigh… Let’s stop talking about this.
Akira: I know all too well that this uniform still doesn’t look good. Ah, well then, how about this?
Producer: …And you’re still dragging out the conversation. This is just going to be another joke, isn’t it?
Akira: It isn’t fair for only me to have to wear this, so how about you put on a uniform, too, Producer? Haha, just kidding.
Producer: …That is a joke, right?
Being old enough to know better 2 (4)
Akira: Yup. A joke.
Akira: Although, it might not be if you said that you wanted to wear one…?
Producer: As if I’d ever think that!
Akira: That’s too bad. I wanted to see what you’d look like.
Producer: …Mitsurugi-kun.
Akira: That wasn’t a joke. I’m being pretty serious.
Producer: …If you hate your uniform that much, then go get changed.
Being old enough to know better 2 (5)
Akira: Changed…?
Producer: It’s fine, just come with me.
Akira: Wai– Producer?
Producer: I told you before, didn’t I? I’ve been looking for you.
Akira: I suppose you did. Still, exactly what did you need from me?
Producer: …Just follow me, and you’ll find out soon enough.


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