Being old enough to know better 3 (1)
Akira: Sorry for the wait.
Producer: !?
Akira: Hey, Producer. Why do you look so bewildered?
Producer: …I’m just surprised that it looks a lot better on you than I expected.
Akira: That’s the highest compliment you could pay to one of your I-Chu.
Akira: I’d said before that I wanted to try this outfit on.
Being old enough to know better 3 (2)
Akira: If you really prepared it as a surprise for me, even I’ll be shocked.
Akira: When we recorded our new song before, I felt as though people would like it, but…
Akira: Who’d have thought we’d make it to filming a promo video?
Akira: Clearly, this is the product of our most esteemed producer’s excellence.
Producer: …..
Being old enough to know better 3 (3)
Akira: Producer? Are you ignoring me again? Or are you really just that entranced by how I look?
Producer: …That’s right. I’m entranced with how you look!
Akira: Hmmm?
Producer: You really are someone who should be an idol.
Akira: I’m glad you think so. But there is something that I absolutely need in order to become one.
Producer: Something you absolutely need?
Akira: You. You’ve taken my hand and brought me to a place where the light really shines.
Being old enough to know better 3 (4)
Akira: Without you, I can’t go anywhere, and I can’t become anything.
Akira: The real me is just an ordinary man, like the one standing before you.
Producer: …That’s not true.
Akira: If you think so, then the reason I’ve changed is all thanks to you, [name].
Akira: Well then, looks like the cameraman is just about ready to start.
Akira: Since you’ve secured this work for our sake, Producer, then we’ve got to respond in kind.
Akira: Keep your eye on us from over here. We’re going to take another step forward thanks to you.
Producer: ( …That…surprised me.
Producer: For him to say that out of nowhere…
Producer: The way he teases people, how he looks at them…
Producer: …Mitsurugi-kun must really make me put my guard down, to mess with my heart like this.)


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