Best live 3 (1)
Seiya: Ahh~~! Only a little longer until the real show! I’ve been so excited ever since our rehearsal!
Producer: I’m glad you’re so excited, but keep it together enough that you don’t start making mistakes, okay?
Seiya: I got it, I got it!
Producer: (I wonder if he really does…
Producer: Although I’m excited, too.)
Seiya: Producer.
Producer: What?
Seiya: Thanks for everything you’ve done so far.
Producer: What’s with the formalities all of sudden?
Seiya: I’ve thought that I should tell you that for a long time… But I’d always get too embarrassed when I looked at your face.
Best live 3 (2)
Seiya: But I don’t think this the time to be embarrassed.
Seiya: I’m going to use all of my power to show you everything you’ve taught me up until now, so stay close and watch me, okay?
Producer: Of course. I’m your producer, after all. I’ll always be by your side.
Seiya: Right!! Okay, now I’m starting to get fired up~!!
Producer: You’ve been that way for a while already.
Best live 3 (3)
Seiya: As long as you’re here, I can do anything! So watch me from a special seat, okay?
Producer: !
Seiya: Well then, here I go, Producer!
Producer: (That…surprised me.
Producer: I know that there wasn’t a deeper meaning to what he said. Certainly not the meaning that I had interpreted it as. But—
Producer: He just says things that could easily be misunderstood, without knowing what they would usually imply.
Producer: Or maybe…
Producer: Did he want me to misinterpret what he said?
Producer: Am I selfishly hoping that he meant that?
Producer: What am I thinking? There’s no way that’s true. That’s nothing like Aido-kun at all.)
Best live 3 (4)
Seiya: Thanks for coming today, everybody!!!
Seiya: I’ve been looking forward to this day sooo much!
Seiya: We’re gonna give you a show that’ll keep you excited for a long time to come!


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