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I-Chu's BirthdaysEdit


Seiya Aido (December 24th)
Seiya Aido Being greeted by you makes me happy! Thank you!
Kanata Minato It's Seiya's birthday! I'll give him a hug!
SeiyaBD Kanata
Akira Mitsurugi It's Seiya's birthday. Maybe I should buy him men's perfume... Or maybe it's still too early for him?
SeiyaBD Akira
Noah Seiya, Happy birthday! I'm glad I got to spend it with you this year too.
SeiyaBD Noah
Kokoro Hanabusa It's Seiya's birthday! Kokoro-chan will sing a song just for him ♪
SeiyaBD Kokoro
Tsubaki Rindo Seiya's birthday, huh. I'll grant all his wishes, as long as it's a wish that I can grant.
SeiyaBD Tsubaki
Enju Hayama Seiya nii-chan! Happy Birthday!

Seiya Aido (December 24th)
Seiya Aido You remembered my birthday? Thank you!
Kanata Minato Seiya, happy birthday! I really like Seiya, who's always full of life!
SeiyaBD1 Kanata
Akira Mitsurugi Since today is Seiya's birthday, I'll treat him to something he likes.
SeiyaBD1 Akira
Satsuki Kururugi Happy birthday Seiya! Let's go eat somewhere!
SeiyaBD1 Satsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Happy birthday Seiya~ Shall we take a nap together~?
SeiyaBD1 Mutsuki
Noah Happy birthday, Seiya. I'm happy I have a close friend like you.
SeiyaBD1 Noah
Kokoro Hanabusa Seiya! happy birthday! I'll give you a hug!
SeiyaBD1 Kokoro
Ban Jumonji Seiya, happy birthday! Since I'm a senpai to you I'll be the one to treat you to something this time!
SeiyaBD1 Ban
Enju Hayama Seiya nii-chan! Happy Birthday!

Kanata Minato (March 14th)
Seiya Aido Kanata, happy birthday! I'll hug you together with Rabirabi too!
KanataBD2 Seiya
Kanata Minato Hawawa! Being greeted like this makes me happy! Thank you ♪
Akira Mitsurugi Kanata, happy birthday. What do you want as gift?
KanataBD2 Akira
Momosuke Oikawa Kanata-kun, happy birthday~! I made some clothes for Rabirabi ♪
KanataBD2 Momosuke
Futami Akabane Happy birthday! I'll give you a Nama-chan as present, Kanata-kun~♪
KanataBD2 Futami
Eva Armstrong It's Crimson Angel's festival of birth. I am overjoyed as well.
KanataBD2 Eva
Akari Tori Kanata-chan Happy birthday~! Aka-chan is happy too~!

Kanata Minato (March 14th)
Seiya Aido Kanata, happy birthday! I'll treat you to the gacha later!
KanataBD Seiya
Kanata Minato I'm so happy you remembered my birthday~ Ehehe~
Akira Mitsurugi It's Kanata's birthday. I have to prepare a special gift for him.
KanataBD Akira
Kokoro Hanabusa Kanata, happy birthday! I baked some apple pie for you!
KanataBD Kokoro
Momosuke Oikawa Happy birthday Kanata-kun! Let's have a walk together with Ricky.
KanataBD Momosuke
Futami Akabane Does Kanata-kun like Nama-chan? What should I give him as present?
KanataBD Futami
Eva Armstrong As a gift for your birthday I shall make you my servant.
KanataBD Eva
Akari Tori Kanata-chan Happy birthday~! Aka-chan is happy too~!

Akira Mitsurugi (August 31st)
Seiya Aido Akira, happy birthday! A hug to thank you for always looking after us~
AkiraBD Seiya
Kanata Minato Akira-kun, happy birthday! I'll spoil you for today!
AkiraBD Kanata
Akira Mitsurugi You remembered my birthday? I'm happy, Thank you.
Rabi Akira, happy birthday... we're both having it hard, huh~
AkiraBD Rabi
Raku Wakaouji Akira's birthday... It's been a while, shall we go and try some delicious sake?
AkiraBD Raku
Kokoro Hanabusa It's Akira's birthday today, isn't it? Shall I serve him a coffee?
AkiraBD Kokoro
Adam Miller It's Akira's birthday, right? Akira, I love you!

Twinkle Bell Edit

Satsuki Kururugi (January 1st)
Satsuki Kururugi New Year's day? Non, non! It's the birthday of us incredible twins!
Mutsuki Kururugi It's the birthday of the cute, cute Satsuki. Everyone, greet him.
MutsukiBD2 Satsuki
Akio Tobikura It's Satsuki's birthday... I want to run away, but I have to greet him...
SatsukiMutsukiBD2 Akio
Kokoro Hanabusa It's Satsuki's birthday~ But I still won't forgive you if you prank me!
SatsukiMutsukiBD2 Kokoro
Minoru Nekota Let’s celebrate for big bro Satsuki! I’ll show him the results of my special training!

Satsuki Kururugi (January 1st)
Seiya Aido Satsuki! Mutsuki! Happy Birthday! Let's go to a game center next time!
SatsukiMutsukiBD Seiya
Satsuki Kururugi You definitely remembered my birthday, right? What are you gonna get me?
Mutsuki Kururugi Satsuki, happy birthday. I'm happy that I got to be your big brother.
MutsukiBD Satsuki
Lucas Today's Satsuki and Mutsuki's birthday, huh... I don't want to approach Satsuki though...
SatsukiMutsukiBD Lucas
Akio Tobikura Satsuki's birthday party... I don't like it. I don't want to attend it...
SatsukiMutsukiBD Akio
Mio Yamanobe Satsuki, happy birthday! Don't prank Master, okay? ♪
SatsukiMutsukiBD Mio
Toya Honoki Satsuki-kun, just because it's your birthday, you shouldn't get too carried away! Fufu~
SatsukiMutsukiBD Toya
Minoru Nekota Let’s celebrate for big bro Satsuki! I’ll show him the results of my special training!

Mutsuki Kururugi (January 1st)
Satsuki Kururugi Mutsuki, Happy birthday! I love Mutsuki the most in the entire world~ ❤
SatsukiBD2 Mutsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Today is the most important day of the year. It's the day when Satsuki and I were born.
Futami Akabane Brotherly love is so good, isn't it~ ? Happy birthday, Satsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun!
SatsukiMutsukiBD2 Futami
Mio Yamanobe Mutsuki, Happy birthday! Your food is always really delicious~ ♪
SatsukiMutsukiBD2 Mio
Aoi Kakitsubata Mutsuki, Happy Birthday. I will give you my recommended goods for a peaceful sleep.
SatsukiMutsukiBD2 Aoi
Taichi Muto Mutsuki-san, happy birthday... I’m going to sleep.

Mutsuki Kururugi (January 1st)
Satsuki Kururugi My dearest Mutsuki's birthday! Incidentally, it's mine, too! Nishishi~
SatsukiBD Mutsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Today is my and Satsuki's birthday! For Satsuki's sake, shall we bake a cake together?
Li Chaoyang It's Mutsuki-san's birthday, huh... I wonder if it'll be alright to present him Chinese tea leaves...?
SatsukiMutsukiBD Li
Momosuke Oikawa Mutsuki-kun, happy birthday! Please invite me along when you want to take a nap ♪
SatsukiMutsukiBD Momosuke
Futami Akabane Mutsuki-kun's birthday is a re~ally joyous day.
SatsukiMutsukiBD Futami
Taichi Muto Mutsuki-san, happy birthday... I’m going to sleep.

I♥B Edit

Noah (March 10th)
Seiya Aido Noah! Happy birthday! I'll greet you immediately next year too!
NoahBD2 Seiya
Akira Mitsurugi Noah's birthday, huh. Maybe I'll give him black tea as present.
NoahBD2 Akira
Noah Today is my birthday. Will you spare some of your time for me?
Leon Noah, happy birthday! Thank you for inviting me to the band.
NoahBD2 Leon
Li Chaoyang Noah-san, happy birthday. I'm glad you are our leader.
NoahBD2 Li
Rabi Noah, happy birthday! You should rely on us more, you know?
NoahBD2 Rabi
Lucas Noah, it's your birthday, right? I bought some black tea.
NoahBD2 Lucas
Kokoro Hanabusa Happy birthday, Noah! My gift for you is fruits tea!
NoahBD2 Kokoro
Noeru Matsunaga Since it's Noah-san's birthday I'm going to buy him a gift.

Noah (March 10th)
Seiya Aido I'm really happy I got to meet Noah again! Best regards from now on too, buddy!
NoahBD Seiya
Noah Today is my birthday, but just having you is good enough.
Leon Noah, happy birthday! Thank you for always being our leader!
NoahBD Leon
Li Chaoyang Happy birthday Noah-san. I'm sorry for always being a trouble.
NoahBD Li
Rabi Noah, happy birthday! Don't cause troubles this year too.
NoahBD Rabi
Lucas Noah, happy birthday. Were you happy with the pick?
NoahBD Lucas
Runa Kagurazaka Since it's Noah-san's birthday, I'll show him around a recommended black tea shop.
NoahBD Runa
Mio Yamanobe Noah's birthday huh....Even if I cast a curse on him it would immediately return back.
NoahBD Mio
Toya Honoki Noah-kun, happy birthday. You're always doing a great job as leader!
NoahBD Toya
Noeru Matsunaga Since it's Noah-san's birthday I'm going to buy him a gift.

Leon (October 1st)
Mutsuki Kururugi It's Leon's birthday. Should I make him a cake I wonder?
LeonBD2 Mutsuki
Noah Leon, happy birthday. Thank you for all the delicious tea.
LeonBD2 Noah
Leon It's my birthday! I want a kiss from you!
Li Chaoyang Leon, happy birthday. I bought a hamburger....
LeonBD2 Li
Rabi Your brightness saves us, happy birthday Leon!
LeonBD2 Rabi
Lucas Leon, I bought a hamburger. Happy birthday.
LeonBD2 Lucas
Ban Jumonji Happy birthday Leon! Let's go eat together!
LeonBD2 Ban
Tatsumi Madarao Leon, let's go eat together! I'm your senior so I'll be the one to pay!
LeonBD2 Tatsumi
Jimpachi Raido I prepared a great present for Leon-niichan!

Leon (October 1st)
Satsuki Kururugi Leon, happy birthday! Let's go fool around!
LeonBD Satsuki
Noah Leon, happy birthday. Shall the two of us go eat somewhere once in a while?
LeonBD Noah
Leon Producer! Won't you have a birthday date with me?
Li Chaoyang Leon, happy birthday. I admire you, who always looks energetic.
LeonBD Li
Rabi Leon! Isn't it better if you hold back with picking up girls on your birthday, at the very least?
LeonBD Rabi
Lucas Leon! At least hold back on picking up girls on your birthday!
LeonBD Lucas
Futami Akabane Leon-kun, happy birthday~ I hope it'll be a happy day for you~
LeonBD Futami
Tatsumi Madarao Present me cute girls on my birthday, you said... don't joke around, Leon!
LeonBD Tatsumi
Jimpachi Raido I prepared a great present for Leon-niichan!

Li Chaoyang (February 22nd)
Seiya Aido Chaoyang! Happy birthday! I bought meat buns!
LiBD2 Seiya
Noah Chaoyang, Happy birthday. Are meat buns alright as gift?
LiBD2 Noah
Leon Chaoyang, happy birthday! What would you like as present?
LiBD2 Leon
Li Chaoyang It makes me happy to be greeted...! I feel really lucky right now...
Rabi It makes me happy when you rely on me. Happy birthday, Chaoyang.
LiBD2 Rabi
Lucas Chaoyang, happy birthday. I'll give you a panda plush toy.
LiBD2 Lucas
Ban Jumonji Chaoyang, congrats! I'll give you a year worth of meat buns!
LiBD2 Ban
Tatsumi Madarao I'll give you an album of the temple photos I took. Happy birthday, Chaoyang!
LiBD2 Tatsumi
Kota Tokachi I wonder what gift would make Chaoyang-oniichan happy?

Li Chaoyang (February 22nd)
Mutsuki Kururugi Today is Chaoyang's birthday right? Today I'll prepare Chaoyang's favorite food.
LiBD Mutsuki
Noah I understand very well, Chaoyang. Happy birthday.
LiBD Noah
Leon Chaoyang~! Today is your birthday right? Congratulations!
LiBD Leon
Li Chaoyang Since today is my birthday... please spend it together with me!
Rabi Chaoyang, happy birthday! Did you like the muffler I gave you as present?
LiBD Rabi
Lucas Chaoyang, happy birthday. Won't you get out of Rabi's back?
LiBD Lucas
Takamichi Sanzenin Chaoyang, happy birth-.... hey, don't run away! ....He's always like this.
LiBD Takamichi
Ban Jumonji Chaoyang, congrats! I wanna eat with you again today.
LiBD Ban
Kota Tokachi I wonder what gift would make Chaoyang-oniichan happy?

Rabi (July 13th)
Kanata Minato Rabi, Happy Birthday! I'll lend you my Rabirabi!
RabiBD Kanata
Akira Mitsurugi It's Rabi's birthday... he seems to be having it hard, so maybe I should treat him something?
RabiBD Akira
Noah Rabi, happy birthday. Sorry for always giving you a hard time.
RabiBD Noah
Leon Thank you for always looking after us! Rabi, happy birthday!
RabiBD Leon
Li Chaoyang Rabi-san, happy birthday. Thank you for always supporting us!
RabiBD Li
Rabi Somehow it's embarrasing to be congratulated by so many people...
Lucas Rabi's birthday, huh? Maybe I should present him a band score.
RabiBD Lucas
Eva Armstrong Since it's Rabi's festival of birth, I'll play some words of blessing.
RabiBD Eva
Tsubaki Rindo Rabi, it's your birthday, right? I'll treat you to food so let's go!
RabiBD Tsubaki
Shino Tokioka It’s my beloved Rabi-onii-san’s birthday!

Lucas (April 8th)
Noah Lucas, happy birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful songs. File:LucasBD2 Noah.ogg
Leon I acknowledge you, y'know! Happy birthday, Lucas! File:LucasBD2 Leon.ogg
Li Chaoyang Lucas' songs are warm. I love them. Happy birthday...! File:LucasBD2 Li.ogg
Rabi Lucas, smile, smile. Well, that's like you I guess. Happy birthday! File:LucasBD2 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I didn't think that so many people would congratulate me.... Thank you. File:LucasBD2.ogg
Torahiko Kusakabe Lucas, happy birthday! This is my picture book before being on sale! I'll give it to you! File:LucasBD2 Torahiko.ogg
Eva Armstrong Lucas. There are a lot of people who are giving you their blessing on your birthday. Raise your head. File:LucasBD2 Eva.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata Lucas, come on, smile. You should smile at least on your birthday. File:LucasBD2 Aoi.ogg
Ren Kashiwagi I'm giving Lucas a book that he seemed to want as a present...

Lucas (April 8th)
Noah Lucas, happy birthday. It's fine to relax once in a while you know?
LucasBD Noah
Leon It's not like I'm not gonna congratulate you! Lucas... congratulations!
LucasBD Leon
Li Chaoyang Happy birthday Lucas. Thank you for all the wonderful songs!
LucasBD Li
Rabi Lucas. At least on your birthday don't frown... okay?
LucasBD Rabi
Lucas So today was my birthday. I forgot about it....
Torahiko Kusakabe Lucas, happy b'day! Leo too seems quiet today, doesn't he~?
LucasBD Torahiko
Issei Todoroki Lucas. Just a bit for your birthday, try to smile. ....It's impossible, huh.
LucasBD Issei
Tatsumi Madarao Hey, You can smile today! Happy birthday, Lucas!
LucasBD Tatsumi
Ren Kashiwagi I'm giving Lucas a book that he seemed to want as a present...

ArS Edit

Torahiko Kusakabe (October 16th)
Leon It's Torahiko's birthday? What would make him happy?
Lucas Torahiko, happy birthday. I tried to buy you a paintbrush. Please use it.
TorahikoBD2 Lucas
Torahiko Kusakabe Today is my birthday! You would be a good present too, y'know?
Kyosuke Momoi It's Tora-chan's birthday! Do you think they sell globefish on supermarkets?
TorahikoBD2 Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Tora, happy birthday. The stories of your travels are always really enjoyable...
TorahikoBD2 Akio
Shiki Amabe Tora-chan, if you want a present then give me back my pot! Come on!
TorahikoBD2 Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Tora, happy birthday! Use me as your design model!
TorahikoBD2 Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji It's Torahiko's birthday, huh. Should I give him a red drawing tool as present?
TorahikoBD2 Raku
Tatsumi Madarao Torahiko, thank you for letting me listen to stories of your journeys. Happy birthday!
TorahikoBD2 Tatsumi
Orihiro Ryugu I wonder what present Tora wants? Since today is his birthday and all~

Torahiko Kusakabe (October 16th)
Seiya Aido Tora, happy birthday! I bought you potato fries!
TorahikoBD Seiya
Noah Happy birthday, Torahiko. Won't you tell me stories about the countries you've traveled to this time?
TorahikoBD Noah
Lucas Today is Torahiko's birthday, huh... What should I give him?
TorahikoBD Lucas
Torahiko Kusakabe Ah, today's my birthday, huh? I forgot about it.
Kyosuke Momoi Tora-chan, happy birthday~! I drew a manga of your adventure!
TorahikoBD Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Tora, happy birthday... here, have a glass bead.
TorahikoBD Akio
Shiki Amabe Tora-chan's birthday, huh~? Maybe I'll take him to eat fugu sashimi with me~
TorahikoBD Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Tora, happy birthday! I made you a tiger from ice!
TorahikoBD Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji Torahiko's birthday, huh... I'll get him a calligraphy of 'tiger'.
TorahikoBD Raku
Orihiro Ryugu I wonder what present Tora wants? Since today is his birthday and all~

Kyosuke Momoi (September 28th)
Akira Mitsurugi Momoi-kun, happy birthday. Thanks to you I became a bit better at drawing.
KyosukeBD Akira
Satsuki Kururugi It's Kyosuke's birthday! Let's have a game match again!
KyosukeBD Satsuki
Torahiko Kusakabe Kyosuke! It's your birthday, right? I'll give you a photo I took on one of my trips!
KyosukeBD Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Please draw my favorite...! Have compassion... have compassion for me...!
Akio Tobikura Kyosuke, happy birthday... how about you sleep and rest a lot for today?
KyosukeBD Akio
Shiki Amabe It's Kyo-chan's birthday. Shall we go to a maid cafe together?
KyosukeBD Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Kyosuke's birthday, huh. I'll give him a chocolate that I ordered from overseas!
KyosukeBD Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji Kyosuke, happy birthday. Was this the manga that you wanted?
KyosukeBD Raku
Momosuke Oikawa Happy birthday Kyosuke-kun! Teach Momo how to draw next time!
KyosukeBD Momosuke
Mio Yamanobe Since today is Kyosuke's birthday I'll be his model as much as he wants!
KyosukeBD Mio
Wakashi Edajima I drew something for Kyosuke-san's birthday. I wonder if it'll make him happy?

Kyosuke Momoi (September 28th)
Torahiko Kusakabe Kyosuke~ happy birthday~! I bought you manga from overseas!
KyosukeBD1 Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Producer-san! I beg you! It's my birthday, so do a cosplay for me!
Akio Tobikura Kyosuke's birthday... it was so embarrassing when I went to buy this figurine...
KyosukeBD1 Akio
Shiki Amabe Kyo-chan, happy birthday~ are you okay with this DVD you've been wanting to buy?
KyosukeBD1 Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Kyosuke, happy birthday. Shall we dine together once in a while?
KyosukeBD1 Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji It's Kyosuke's birthday! Let's celebrate it grandly!
KyosukeBD1 Raku
Futami Akabane Seems today is Kyosuke-kun's birthday, so this uncle is in high spirits~
KyosukeBD1 Futami
Mio Yamanobe --
KyosukeBD1 Mio
Tsubaki Rindo --
KyosukeBD1 Tsubaki
Wakashi Edajima I drew something for Kyosuke-san's birthday. I wonder if it'll make him happy?

Akio Tobikura (February 29th)
Satsuki Kururugi My birthday present for Akio is~ A prank filled with my love!
AkioBD2 Satsuki
Torahiko Kusakabe It's Akio's birthday! I'll go on a journey with Akio!
AkioBD2 Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Happy birthday Akki! I drew a manga with you as the protagonist.
AkioBD2 Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Today is my birthday... I want to eat a lot of katsudon until I feel full.
Shiki Amabe Akio, Happy birthday! Let's go out with big brother Shiki today.
AkioBD2 Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Akio, let's shine more on your birthday! Come on!
AkioBD2 Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji It's Akio's birthday. Maybe I'll give him some katsudon.
AkioBD2 Raku
Kokoro Hanabusa Akio, it's your birthday so carry your head high! You're an idol after all!
AkioBD2 Kokoro
Toya Honoki You should have more confidence in yourself, Akio-kun. Happy Birthday.
AkioBD2 Toya
Kunio Fushikawa Akio-san's birthday? I hope nothing unfortunate happens to him...

Akio Tobikura (February 29th)
Kanata Minato Happy birthday Akio-kun~ Eh, why is he running away~!
AkioBD Kanata
Satsuki Kururugi Akio's Birthday? Of course I've decided to plan a prank! Nishishi!
AkioBD Satsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Akio-kun, happy birthday. I'm sorry for everything Satsuki does.
AkioBD Mutsuki
Torahiko Kusakabe Akio, come out of your room at least on your birthday.
AkioBD Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Akki, happy birthday! Hey, why did you close the door!?
AkioBD Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Today is my birthday.... Satsuki is sure to do something so I'm afraid...
Shiki Amabe Happy b'day Akio! Won't you stop closing yourself in your room and get out?
AkioBD Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Akio's birthday huh... I'm troubled on what to give him.
AkioBD Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji It's Akio's birthday. It seems Satsuki's going to make him cry...
AkioBD Raku
Kunio Fushikawa Akio-san's birthday? I hope nothing unfortunate happens to him...

Shiki Amabe (November 2nd)
Akira Mitsurugi So it's Amabe's birthday... will I end up hearing complaints from him under the effect of the sake?
ShikiBD Akira
Torahiko Kusakabe A commemoration of Shiki's birthday! The great me donated some art to Shiki's pot!
ShikiBD Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi It's Shikitty's birthday! Shikitty is a really considerate person!
ShikiBD Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Shiki-kun, happy birthday. Thank you for always helping me.
ShikiBD Akio
Shiki Amabe I got greeted by the Producer on my birthday. I feel so deeply moved!
Hikaru Orihara It's Shiki's birthday! Today I will stay by his side all day!
ShikiBD Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji Shiki, it's okay to let this old man pamper you a bit on your birthday, y'know?
ShikiBD Raku
Takamichi Sanzenin Shiki, happy birthday. Hold back on flirting at least for today.
ShikiBD Takamichi
Eva Armstrong So it's the festival of birth of Laplace's Demon. I shall play an eulogy as blessing to him.
ShikiBD Eva
Gakuto Nanjo I guess it's better to introduce a girl to Shiki-san on his birthday after all?

Shiki Amabe (November 2nd)
Leon Shiki~! Happy birthday! Let's go pick up some women!
ShikiBD1 Leon
Torahiko Kusakabe Happy b'day, Shiki~ Here, I'll present you my painting! ...wait, don't tear them apart!
ShikiBD1 Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Shikitty, happy birthday~! I didn't bring along a girl though~
ShikiBD1 Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Shiki-kun's birthday... I wonder what I should give to him?
ShikiBD1 Akio
Shiki Amabe It's my birthday today~ I wonder what will Producer give to me?
Hikaru Orihara Shiki, happy birthday. I ordered some sea grapes from Okinawa!
ShikiBD1 Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji Today is Shiki's birthday, isn't it? I guess I'll introduce him to a woman.
ShikiBD1 Raku
Issei Todoroki Shiki, they said it's your birthday, eh? If I find a nice woman, I'll introduce her to you next time!
ShikiBD1 Issei
Takamichi Sanzenin Shiki's birthday, huh? Do something about your frivolous side, won't you?
ShikiBD1 Takamichi
Gakuto Nanjo I guess it's better to introduce a girl to Shiki-san on his birthday after all?

Hikaru Orihara (May 25th)
Torahiko Kusakabe Hikaru is being 8x louder than usual today... Ah, is it because of his birthday? File:HikaruBD2 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Momoi Hikarun is shining 10x more than usual today! This is the birthday power! File:HikaruBD2 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Tobikura Hikaru's birthday... He's 12x brighter today... I want to go back in my room. File:HikaruBD2 Akio.ogg
Shiki Amabe Hikaru-kun, happy birthday. You're 5x more cheerful today. File:HikaruBD2 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru Orihara Ha ha ha ha! It's my birthday! The world is shining! File:HikaruBD2.ogg
Raku Wakaouji Hikaru, my gift. It's a glass shoe. It's made of ice so it will melt soon. File:HikaruBD2 Raku.ogg
Runa Kagurazaka Hikaru-san, happy birthday! I'll give you special seat tickets for a theatre play ♪ File:HikaruBD2 Runa.ogg
Momosuke Oikawa It's Hikaru-kun's birthday, Teach Momo how to shine brightly too! File:HikaruBD2 Momosuke.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata Hikaru, happy birthday! Shall we go together to see a play? File:HikaruBD2 Aoi.ogg
Tatsuomi Ryugu It seems today is Hikaru's birthday. He was making a ruckus about it earlier.

Hikaru Orihara (May 25th)
Akira Mitsurugi Orihara's birthday, huh... shall I buy him a ticket for a musical?
HikaruBD Akira
Torahiko Kusakabe Hikaru, Happy Birthday! I'm gonna give you this strange ornament I bought overseas!
HikaruBD Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Today is Hikarun's birthday. Let's go buy a cake.
HikaruBD Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Hikaru's birthday huh... I'll give him a glass bead and come back home immediately.
HikaruBD Akio
Shiki Amabe Today is Hikaru-kun's birthday... I should buy him an accessory case.
HikaruBD Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Today is the day me, a beautiful person, was born.
Raku Wakaouji Hikaru, It's your birthday. Did you like the Konpeitou's?[1]
HikaruBD Raku
Aoi Kakitsubata --
HikaruBD Aoi
Tatsuomi Ryugu It seems today is Hikaru's birthday. He was making a ruckus about it earlier.

Raku Wakaouji (August 20th)
Akira Mitsurugi Waka's birthday, huh... we're not at the age to celebrate birthdays, so how about we go drinking just as usual?
RakuBD Akira
Satsuki Kururugi Happy birthday, Waka-sama~ I bought you tea leaves~!
RakuBD Satsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Waka-sama, happy birthday... I baked you a cake.
RakuBD Mutsuki
Torahiko Kusakabe Today's Raku's birthday, huh... guess I'll buy him some soumen~
RakuBD Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi I'm wondering what I should give for Rakkun's birthday~ what would be best~?
RakuBD Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura This is a present for Raku's birthday. I hope he's fine with senbei.
RakuBD Akio
Shiki Amabe Raku-kun, happy birthday. Is presenting him with a teacup okay?
RakuBD Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Raku, Raku, Raku~! It's your birthday! But I'm the only one treated as an outcast!?
RakuBD Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji To have the youngun' celebrate my birthday doesn't feel too bad.
Hisashi Tojo Happy birthday, grandpa Raku. Live long, okay?


Kokoro Hanabusa (September 1st)
Seiya Aido Kokoro, happy birthday! Here, the bracelet you wanted earlier before!
KokoroBD Seiya
Kanata Minato Kokoro-chan, happy birthday! I'll give you the cat version of RabiRabi!
KokoroBD Kanata
Akira Mitsurugi Hanabusa's birthday, wasn't it? Maybe I'll give him a flower bouquet.
KokoroBD Akira
Kokoro Hanabusa Everyone, thank you for celebrating Kokoro's birthday!
Runa Kagurazaka Kokoro, happy birthday! Meeting you was a miracle!
KokoroBD Runa
Momosuke Oikawa Happy birthday Kokoro-chan! I made a flower crown!
KokoroBD Momosuke
Toshiyuki Ryugu It’s Kokoro-chan’s birthday after all, so I gift sewn clothes, I guess?

Momosuke Oikawa (January 23rd)
Kanata Minato It's Momo-chan's birthday~! Will flowers be fine as gift?
MomosukeBD2 Kanata
Kokoro Hanabusa Momo, happy birthday! I'll give you some flower seeds! Grow them beautifully ♪
MomosukeBD2 Kokoro
Runa Kagurazaka Momo, Happy birthday! You're cute like a little sister ♪
MomosukeBD2 Runa
Momosuke Oikawa Birthday Gyudon?! Momo is really happy right now~! Thank you!
Futami Akabane Momo-chan, happy birthday~! Thank you for all the beautiful flowers!
MomosukeBD2 Futami
Baber Momo-chan, let's eat anpan together, as congratulations.
MomosukeBD2 Baber
Kota Kiyomiya Momosuke’s birthday…… I’m sure something will happen!

Momosuke Oikawa (January 23rd)
Runa Kagurazaka Momo, Happy Birthday! Please always continue being yourself.
MomosukeBD Runa
Momosuke Oikawa Producer-san! If you give me such a big cake I won't be able to eat it!
Kota Kiyomiya Momosuke’s birthday…… I’m sure something will happen!

Runa Kagurazaka (November 11th)
Lucas So it's Runa's birthday. What might be a gift fitting for a Yamato Nadeshiko?
RunaBD Lucas
Kokoro Hanabusa Runa, happy birthday! Having you by my side really saves me!
RunaBD Kokoro
Runa Kagurazaka It makes me happy that you congratulated me. Congratulate me next year too, alright?
Momosuke Oikawa Runa-chan, happy birthday! I admire you!
RunaBD Momosuke
Takamichi Sanzenin You really give a different impression during parties. Happy birthday, Runa.
RunaBD Takamichi
Ban Jumonji Runa, happy birthday! Thanks for invitin' me to the party!
RunaBD Ban
Kuro Yakaku Runa Kagurazaka. Happy birthday. I like people like you a lot.
RunaBD Kuro
Rikka Kiyomiya Since it's Runa-san's birthday I will report the results I've gathered in a year!

Lancelot Edit

Issei Todoroki (May 5th)
Satsuki Kururugi Since it's Issei-kun's birthday I put an apple in the dressing room and.... Futami-kun ate it! File:IsseiBD2 Satsuki.ogg
Issei Todoroki I've told you that it doesn't make me happy to be greeted at this age... Well, thank you. File:IsseiBD2.ogg
Futami Akabane Issei, happy birthday~ The present is~ ME! Just kidding. File:IsseiBD2 Futami.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin Issei's birthday, huh? To think we would be friends for so long... File:IsseiBD2 Takamichi.ogg
Tsubaki Rindo Issei! It's your birthday! Let's go drink together! File:IsseiBD2 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya Honoki Issei-kun, I got some delicious sake so let's celebrate together ♪ File:IsseiBD2 Toya.ogg
Kuro Yakaku Haha! Issei Todoroki. Having your birthday on Children's Day really suits you! File:IsseiBD2 Kuro.ogg
Saku Uruha It's Todoroki-kun's birthday~? I see. I'm actually not interested at all, it pisses me off~ File:IsseiBD2 Saku.ogg
Keji Inuyama It's Ichi-nii's birthday... Ichi-nii, what do you want?

Issei Todoroki (May 5th)
Kokoro Hanabusa Issei, happy birthday~! I made a super spicy cake. Do you wanna try it?
IsseiBD Kokoro
Issei Todoroki Don't you dare remember my birthday! It's troublesome...
Futami Akabane Issei, happy birthday~ I wish you would treat me to something~
IsseiBD Futami
Takamichi Sanzenin Issei, happy birthday. Just please don't meddle with me today!
IsseiBD Takamichi
Eva Armstrong It's Berserker's birthday?! I have to do something before he appears!
IsseiBD Eva
Toya Honoki Issei-kun, happy birthday. Come on, you need to place your fist in your chest[2]
IsseiBD Toya
Keji Inuyama It's Ichi-nii's birthday... Ichi-nii, what do you want?

Futami Akabane (March 30th)
Kanata Minato Futamin, happy birthday! I'll give you a Nama-chan mascot!
FutamiBD2 Kanata
Mutsuki Kururugi Futami, happy birthday. I made an apple pie.
FutamiBD2 Mutsuki
Momosuke Oikawa Futami-san! I'll give you a Nama-chan flower arrangement ♪
FutamiBD2 Momosuke
Issei Todoroki Futami, I'll cook for you so make a request. Apple dishes are not allowed.
FutamiBD2 Issei
Futami Akabane Today is my birthday~! Give me apples and Nama-chaaaan ♪
Takamichi Sanzenin Futami, I bought you Nama-chan goods, but can they fit in your room?
FutamiBD2 Takamichi
Kuro Yakaku Futami Akabane... Do you get that happy over receiving a sloth for your birthday?
FutamiBD2 Kuro
Saku Uruha What did Producer-chan give you? Come on, show me, Akabane-kun.
FutamiBD2 Saku
Haruto Inami Ssshh! I'm in the middle of tailing Futami! Where did he go on a congratulatory day?

Futami Akabane (March 30th)
Satsuki Kururugi Futami-kun, Happy b'day. Here, for you! "What is it?" A label with job offers.
FutamiBD Satsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Since it's Futami's birthday, just for today I'll cook for him~
FutamiBD Mutsuki
Runa Kagurazaka Let's give some flowers to Futami-san for his birthday.
FutamiBD Runa
Issei Todoroki Futami. At least on your birthday manage to get greeted by women.
FutamiBD Issei
Futami Akabane Today is my birthday you know~ I want you to celebrate it today...
Takamichi Sanzenin Futami, behave properly at least on your birthday!
FutamiBD Takamichi
Tatsumi Madarao Of course, what you want are Nama-chan goods right? Hurry up and choose, Futami!
FutamiBD Tatsumi
Haruto Inami Ssshh! I'm in the middle of tailing Futami! Where did he go on a congratulatory day?

Takamichi Sanzenin (October 12th)
Shiki Amabe Happy birthday Sanzenin-kun. Let's go hit on girls in town!
TakamichiBD2 Shiki
Runa Kagurazaka Is it Takamichi-san's birthday? Fufu, I wonder what would be nice as present.
TakamichiBD2 Runa
Issei Todoroki Takamichi, sneak out of your birthday party and let's go drink together.
TakamichiBD2 Issei
Futami Akabane Today is Takamichi's birthday! I'll get to eat lots of delicious things at the party~
TakamichiBD2 Futami
Takamichi Sanzenin Your congratulation is what made me the happiest... I-it's nothing!
Ban Jumonji The food is so delicious at Takamichi's house! Ah, happy birthday!
TakamichiBD2 Ban
Kuro Yakaku Takamichi Sanzenin! Don't spend too much money on useless things just because it's your birthday!
TakamichiBD2 Kuro
Saku Uruha Don't get too full of yourself just because Producer-chan greeted you, Sanzenin.
TakamichiBD2 Saku
Mayumi Makise So it's Takamichi-san's birthday! I'd like to give him something useful as a present!

Takamichi Sanzenin (October 12th)
Shiki Amabe Sanzenin-kun, happy birthday~! I'll teach you how to seduce a woman.
TakamichiBD Shiki
Runa Kagurazaka --
TakamichiBD Runa
Issei Todoroki Takamichi, it's your birthday today? Then, let's go drinking in a bar~
TakamichiBD Issei
Futami Akabane Takamichi! It's your birthday today, right? Treat me some meals~
TakamichiBD Futami
Takamichi Sanzenin You remembered my birthday? I-it's not like I'm blushing or anything!
Ban Jumonji Takamichi, they said it's your birthday? You get to eat lots of food, huh~
TakamichiBD Ban
Aoi Kakitsubata Thank you for inviting me to your home party. Happy birthday, Takamichi.
TakamichiBD Aoi
Mayumi Makise So it's Takamichi-san's birthday! I'd like to give him something useful as a present!


Eva Armstrong (June 13th)
Kanata Minato It's Master's birthday! Just for today I will be Master's servant!
EvaBD Kanata
Eva Armstrong Congratulate me on my birthday! It's only obvious you ignorants would congratulate me.
Mio Yamanobe Master, happy birthday! I will stay by your side next year too!
EvaBD Mio
Ban Jumonji It's Master's birthday! Come on! Raise your heads and wait for your turn!
EvaBD Ban
Tsubaki Rindo Happy birthday Eva. How many candles do I need to prepare this year?
EvaBD Tsubaki
Yukiji Saeki Since it's Bloody Master's birthday a sacrifice will be needed...
Mio Yamanobe (July 7th)
Kyosuke Momoi The birthday present for Mio-kun will be a frilly dress!
MioBD Kyosuke
Takamichi Sanzenin Mio, you bastard! Stop it with the black magic at least on your birthday!
MioBD Takamichi
Eva Armstrong It's Mio's festival of birth. It's obvious you would congratulate my cute servant.
MioBD Eva
Mio Yamanobe It's my birthday~! If you don't congratulate me I'll cast a curse on you~♪
Ban Jumonji Since it's Mio's birthday I'll give him ingredients he needs for his black magic!
MioBD Ban
Moegi Koga Happy birthday Mio-oneechan! I gathered some medical plants for you!
Ban Jumonji (July 8th)
Li Chaoyang Since it's Ban-san's birthday, I should give him some food... I wonder if I have enough money?
BanBD Li
Momosuke Oikawa Ban-kun, Happy Birthday! Bring me to a shop with delicious gyudon~!
BanBD Momosuke
Eva Armstrong It's Ban's festival of birth. I shall prepare some food for him.[3]
BanBD Eva
Mio Yamanobe It's that Ban's birthday. Should I get him a gift for once?
BanBD Mio
Ban Jumonji Since it's my birthday I want you to cook dinner for me!
Aoi Kakitsubata Are you okay with 3 cakes? You want 5? ...Ban, you'll get fat like that.
BanBD Aoi
Kaoru Aoi Guilty, how many cakes will you eat? I will eat 2 maybe~

Tenjyou Tenge Edit

Tsubaki Rindo (August 7th)
Rabi Tsubaki, happy birthday! Shall we go eat some hot pot?
TsubakiBD Rabi
Kokoro Hanabusa Tsubaki-kun, happy birthday~! You got congratulated by a lot of people, didn't you?
TsubakiBD Kokoro
Runa Kagurazaka Tsubaki-san, happy birthday! You're a reliable senior!
TsubakiBD Runa
Mio Yamanobe It's Tsubaki's birthday? Then I won't curse him for today.
TsubakiBD Mio
Tsubaki Rindo You know what I want, right? Make it the best birthday.
Toya Honoki Tsubaki, happy birthday. We'll surely be together next year too, right!
TsubakiBD Toya
Tatsumi Madarao Happy birthday Tsubaki! I'll follow you exactly because you're our leader!
TsubakiBD Tatsumi
Aoi Kakitsubata Happy birthday, Tsubaki. It's because you're here that Tenjyou Tenge is like this.
TsubakiBD Aoi
Yoshitsugu Kira That Tsubaki dragged me around for different things just because it was his birthday...

Toya Honoki (December 2nd)
Kanata Minato --
ToyaBD2 Kanata
Mutsuki Kururugi --
ToyaBD2 Mutsuki
Issei Todoroki Hey Toya! Let's go at something! It's your birthday, right?
ToyaBD2 Issei
Tsubaki Rindo Keep staying by my side. Happy birthday, Toya.
ToyaBD2 Tsubaki
Toya Honoki Since it's my birthday, is it alright if I monopolize you for myself?
Tatsumi Madarao Since it's his birthday today I'll be the one to take care of Toya!
ToyaBD2 Tatsumi
Aoi Kakitsubata Toya! Happy Bithday! I have a strawberry shortcake.
ToyaBD2 Aoi
Michiru Kagari Toya-san, happy birthday! Ufufu!

Toya Honoki (December 2nd)
Kokoro Hanabusa Toya-kun, happy birthday! I'll give you a strawberry shortcake!
ToyaBD Kokoro
Issei Todoroki Huh?! How would I know such things as Toya's birthday?! Damn, treating him to something is good enough right?
ToyaBD Issei
Takamichi Sanzenin Toya-san, happy birthday. This time, let's go eat somewhere.
ToyaBD Takamichi
Tsubaki Rindo Toya, thank you for always staying by my side. Happy birthday!
ToyaBD Tsubaki
Toya Honoki You remembered my birthday? This makes me happy!
Tatsumi Madarao We've always caused trouble for Toya haven't we? Happy birthday, Toya!
ToyaBD Tatsumi
Aoi Kakitsubata Toya, today I'll give you this bouquet of flowers as a present. Happy Birthday!
ToyaBD Aoi
Michiru Kagari Toya-san, happy birthday! Ufufu!

Tatsumi Madarao (June 23rd)
Leon OOH, TATSUMI! Happy birthday! Is there something you want?
TatsumiBD Leon
Momosuke Oikawa Tatsumi-kun, happy birthday! Hey, why are you looking away~
TatsumiBD Momosuke
Issei Todoroki Tatsumi, wanna go eat together? It's your birthday after all. Congratulations...
TatsumiBD Issei
Eva Armstrong It's Crimson Dragon's festival of birth. Are you a kid too...
TatsumiBD Eva
Tsubaki Rindo Tatsumi, happy birthday. Just don't cry because you feel touched!
TatsumiBD Tsubaki
Toya Honoki Tatsumi, it's not good to be short-tempered. Happy birthday!
TatsumiBD Toya
Tatsumi Madarao Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday. Hehe, it's kinda embarrassing...
Aoi Kakitsubata Happy birthday Tatsumi. I'll be kind to you just for today.
TatsumiBD Aoi
Mao Wajima Since it's Tatsumi's birthday I gotta stay by his side!

Aoi Kakitsubata (April 29th)
Mutsuki Kururugi Aoi, happy birthday. Thank you for all the delicious recipes File:AoiBD2 Mutsuki.ogg
Hikaru Orihara Aoi Kakitsubata! It's your birthday! Let's dance together! File:AoiBD2 Hikaru.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin Aoi-san, won't you have dinner together with me? It's your birthday today. File:AoiBD2 Takamichi.ogg
Tsubaki Rindo Aoi, Happy birthday. Be a bit kinder to Tatsumi this year, okay? File:AoiBD2 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya Honoki I know, I know. The cake shouldn't be too sweet. Aoi, congratulations ♪ File:AoiBD2 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi Madarao Aoi, Happy birthday! Don't pick fights with me today! File:AoiBD2 Tatsumi2.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata Being greeted by you makes me really happy. Thank you, Producer File:AoiBD2.ogg
Satoru Iijima Today is Aoi-sama's birthday! I gotta give it my best and prepare a cake for him!

Aoi Kakitsubata (April 29th)
Hikaru Orihara It's Aoi Kakitsubata's birthday, huh. Should I go buy some Oshiruko (sweet red bean soup) for him?
AoiBD Hikaru
Ban Jumonji Aoi, congratulations! Hey hey, I wish you would bring me to another great place again.
AoiBD Ban
Tsubaki Rindo Aoi, happy birthday! I don't hate that strong attitude of yours, you know?
AoiBD Tsubaki
Toya Honoki Please keep being yourself from now on too. Happy birthday, Aoi!
AoiBD Toya
Tatsumi Madarao I guess I'll congratulate you at least for today! Aoi, happy birthday!
AoiBD Tatsumi
Aoi Kakitsubata Today is my birthday. Please make a cake with low calories.
Satoru Iijima Today is Aoi-sama's birthday! I gotta give it my best and prepare a cake for him!

Alchemist Edit

Kuro Yakaku (April 4th)
Seiya Aido Kuro! Don't forget to be kind at least on your birthday!
KuroB Seiya
Rabi Kuro, happy birthday. Be more cheerful at least today.
KuroB Rabi
Kyosuke Momoi Kuro-san, happy birthday! Please read my manga!
KuroB Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura EEK?! I'm greeting you so don't glare at me! H- Happy birthday, Kuro-san...
KuroB AkioD
Raku Wakaouji Yakaku's birthday, huh. Let's see... Let's go tease him a bit.
KuroB Raku
Runa Kagurazaka I am just greeting you with words, but happy birthday, Kuro-san!
KuroB Runa
Issei Todoroki Kuro's birthday? There's no need for me to greet him, right?... Hmph.
KuroB Issei
Tsubaki Rindo Hey, Kuro! Happy birthday! Since I'm your junior I'll treat you!
KuroB Tsubaki
Kuro Yakaku Thank you for always greeting someone like me.
Saku Uruha Kuro's birthday, huh. I wonder if he would come to a live with me~ No, huh~
KuroBD Saku
Baber It's Kuro's birthday and yet he keeps saving...
KuroBD Baber
Ginga Kiyomiya
Saku Uruha (May 16th)
Akira Mitsurugi I'll congratulate you in producer's stead. Happy birthday, Uruha. File:SakuBD Akira.ogg
Satsuki Kururugi Saku-kun, happy birthday. I'll prank you this time! File:SakuBD Satsuki.ogg
Noah Saku, happy birthday. However, I do not approve how you're running after a woman. File:SakuBD Noah.ogg
Li Chaoyang Eh? It's Saku-san's birthday? I wonder if it's better to greet him... File:SakuBD Chaoyang.ogg
Shiki Amabe Heeh. So it's Uruha-kun's birthday. Should I give him a pot as present... Haha, just kidding. File:SakuBD Shiki.ogg
Kokoro Hanabusa Happy birthday, Saku! Hey, don't take a picture without my permission~!! File:SakuBD Kokoro.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin Saku... Don't beg her for a present just because it's your birthday! File:SakuBD Takamichi.ogg
Mio Yamanobe Since it's Saku's birthday I'll cast a curse on him.. Fufu ♪ File:SakuBD Mio.ogg
Tatsumi Madarao Geh! It's Saku's birthday.... Guess I have to talk to him... File:SakuBD Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata Ah... It's Saku's birthday... I'm an adult so... I'll greet him this time. File:SakuBD Aoi.ogg
Kuro Yakaku Saku, Happy birthday. I'll give you pictures of her that I don't need anymore... File:SakuBD Kuro.ogg
Saku Uruha It's my birthday! I want to be greeted by you in person instead of a poster! File:SakuBD.ogg
Baber It's Saku's birthday. Where do they sell idol goods? File:SakuBD Baber.ogg
Mimi Arisugawa Since it's Saku-kun's birthday Mimi will give him a kiss as present ♪
Baber (December 31st)
Kanata Minato Baberun, Happy Birthday! Let's keep talking more with each other from now on!
BaberBD Kanata
Mutsuki Kururugi They said it was your birthday, Baber-kun.
BaberBD Mutsuki
Leon Baber, congratulations! I'll play the guitar right now!
BaberBD Leon
Lucas Baber, Happy birthday. I'll give you my recommended fairy-tale.
BaberBD Lucas
Torahiko Kusakabe Baber! I'll give you a fairy-tales book as present!
BaberBD Torahiko
Hikaru Orihara Baber! I heard that it was your birthday so I decided to make a magnificent entrance!
BaberBD Hikaru
Momosuke Oikawa Baber-san, Happy birthday! I wish we would eat gyudon together sometimes!
BaberBD Momosuke
Futami Akabane Baber-kuuun! Come on, this is a present from Nama-chan~
BaberBD Futami
Eva Armstrong Baber... We haven't known each other for long, but I will congratulate you for your festival of birth.
BaberBD Eva
Ban Jumonji Baber, Happy birthday! Let's eat dinner together!
BaberBD Ban
Toya Honoki Baber-kun, Happy birthday. Fufu. You're a good boy.
BaberBD Toya
Kuro Yakaku Baber, Happy birthday. You're meddlesome, but you're also a good guy.
BaberBD Kuro
Saku Uruha Baber! Happy birthday! Did you like the anpan as present?
BaberBD Saku
Baber Today is Baber's birthday. Greetings, greetings. That makes Baber happy.
Rara Arisugawa Baber-kun, Happy birthday! I love you ♪

Producer's BirthdayEdit

Producer's Birthday
Seiya Aido Happy birthday! An extra-large hug for you!
ProducerBD2 Seiya
Kanata Minato Happy birthday! I and Rabirabi will dance for you as present!
ProducerBD2 Kanata
Akira Mitsurugi Happy birthday. I wonder if you're free this night. Shall we go somewhere together?
ProducerBD2 Akira
Satsuki Kururugi Happy birthday! So, how did my successful surprise feel?
ProducerBD2 Satsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Happy birthday. What type of cake do you want?
ProducerBD2 Mutsuki
Noah Happy Birthday. Today I'm only yours.
ProducerBD2 Noah
Leon Happy birthday! Today I'll listen to whatever you say!
ProducerBD2 Leon
Li Chaoyang Happy birthday.... It's embarrassing to say that while looking at the screen....
ProducerBD2 Li
Rabi Thank you for always supporting us. Happy birthday.
ProducerBD2 Rabi
Lucas Happy birthday. I wrote a song for you. Will you listen to it?
ProducerBD2 Lucas
Torahiko Kusakabe It's your birthday, right? I'll give you a tiger T-shirt matching with mine!
ProducerBD2 Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Happy birthday! Keep staying by my side from now on too♪
ProducerBD2 Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Happy birthday. Thank you for staying together with someone like me...
ProducerBD2 Akio
Shiki Amabe Happy birthday, my little kitty. Won't you spend a special night with me?
ProducerBD2 Shiki
Hikaru Orihara It seems that it's your birthday! I will bless you with my shining!
ProducerBD2 Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji Oh, so it's your birthday. Then today you should take a day off. It's better not to work at all.
ProducerBD2 Raku
Kokoro Hanabusa Happy birthday! I will give you a kiss as present! CHU♪
ProducerBD2 Kokoro
Runa Kagurazaka Congratulations on your birthday. Today is a special day, isn't it.
ProducerBD2 Runa
Momosuke Oikawa Happy birthday! I'll give you a flower bouquet as present!
ProducerBD2 Momosuke
Issei Todoroki Come on, I'll give it to you. It's a silver accessory. It's your birthday after all, right?
ProducerBD2 Issei
Futami Akabane Happy birthday~! I'll specially give you my treasured Nama-chan.
ProducerBD2 Futami
Takamichi Sanzenin Happy birthday. Keep staying by our side from now on too.
ProducerBD2 Takamichi
Eva Armstrong Oh, so it's your birthday. Then I will personally bless you!
ProducerBD2 Eva
Mio Yamanobe I remembered it properly! Happy birthday. I love you♪
ProducerBD2 Mio
Ban Jumonji Happy birthday! I'm happy I got to spend it with you!
ProducerBD2 Ban
Tsubaki Rindo Is it your birthday. I see. What would you like from me?
ProducerBD2 Tsubaki
Toya Honoki Happy birthday! Let me celebrate it together with you♪
ProducerBD2 Toya
Tatsumi Madarao Happy birthday, This is a protective charm I bought when I went on a temple last time. I'll give it to you!
ProducerBD2 Tatsumi
Aoi Kakitsubata It makes me really happy that I got to spend this special day together with you. Happy birthday.
ProducerBD2 Aoi
Kuro Yakaku Happy birthday. I'll bake a cake for you today.
ProducerBD2 Kuro
Saku Uruha It's Producer-chan's birthday! Accept this present from me!
ProducerBD2 Saku
Baber Baber will congratulate you too on your birthday...
ProducerBD2 Baber

Producer's Birthday
Seiya Aido Happy birthday! Producer, thanks for everything!
ProducerBD Seiya
Kanata Minato Happy birthda~y! I’ll always love you!
ProducerBD Kanata
Akira Mitsurugi I see. So today’s your birthday. Then, shall we go out together?
ProducerBD Akira
Satsuki Kururugi Happy b'day! Just for today, I’ll attend without pranking!
ProducerBD Satsuki
Mutsuki Kururugi Happy birthday. Is a ticket to have a nap with me good as a gift?
ProducerBD Mutsuki
Noah Happy birthday. Tonight, I’ve reserved a place in the restaurant for you.
ProducerBD Noah
Leon Happy birthday! Today, I’ll make you happy!
ProducerBD Leon
Li Chaoyang Happy birthday… thank you for everything!
ProducerBD Li
Rabi Producer, happy birthday. after this too, best regards.
ProducerBD Rabi
Lucas Producer, happy birthday. after this too, best regards,
ProducerBD Lucas
Torahiko Kusakabe Producer, happy birthday! I’ll give you my painting as a gift.
ProducerBD Torahiko
Kyosuke Momoi Happy birthday, Producer-san, I’ll give you my manga!
ProducerBD Kyosuke
Akio Tobikura Producer, happy birthday. I’ll give you a glass bead.
ProducerBD Akio
Shiki Amabe Producer, today’s your birthday, huh. I’ll listen to whatever you say, okay?
ProducerBD Shiki
Hikaru Orihara Producer, happy birthday! Please take this creation of mine!
ProducerBD Hikaru
Raku Wakaouji Congratulations. Here, a sea bream present for your birthday.
ProducerBD Raku
Kokoro Hanabusa Producer. Happy birthday! What do you want from me as a gift?
ProducerBD Kokoro
Runa Kagurazaka Happy birthday! Thank you for everything!
ProducerBD Runa
Momosuke Oikawa Happy birthday! I'll sing you a birthday song. ♪
ProducerBD Momosuke
Issei Todoroki Haa? Are you telling me to congratulate you? Tsk... happy birthday.
ProducerBD Issei
Futami Akabane Happy birthday~. I have no money so I couldn't get you a present, sorry~
ProducerBD Futami
Takamichi Sanzenin Happy birthday. I'll give you anything for your present so say what you want.
ProducerBD Takamichi
Eva Armstrong It's your birthday, huh.... I shall offer you a blood blessing!
ProducerBD Eva
Mio Yamanobe Happy birthday! I'm happy meeting you. ♪
ProducerBD Mio
Ban Jumonji Happy birthday! I want to eat a cake too!
ProducerBD Ban
Tsubaki Rindo Huh... It's your birthday? Then I will have to do something for you.
ProducerBD Tsubaki
Toya Honoki Happy birthday! From now on please stay by my side. ♪
ProducerBD Toya
Tatsumi Madarao Happy birthday. It makes me angry when you're not by my side...
ProducerBD Tatsumi
Aoi Kakitsubata Today is your birthday? You should have said it earlier. Happy birthday!
ProducerBD Aoi

iKids' BirthdaysEdit

Their own birthday (ikids)
iKids Birthday Line
Yoshitsugu Kira
Yukiji Saeki Do you know what day it is today? It's my birthday~
Gakuto Nanjo I'd like to have you as my birthday present... just kidding!
Kunio Fushikawa Haa... I hope I'll have a lucky birthday this year.
Mayumi Makise You knew about my birthday didn't you? I want to know where you found that out.
Taichi Muto Today is, my birthday? ...I completely forgot about it.
Orihiro Ryugu
Tatsuomi Ryugu
Toshiyuki Ryugu
Ginga Kiyomiya You remembered my birthday? Ahaha! I'm grateful!
Satoru Iijima You definitely remembered my birthday, right?
Haruto Inami Did you know that today was my birthday, Watson-kun?
Wakashi Edajima
Michiru Kagari You remembered my birthday! That makes me happy!
Ren Kashiwagi You knew about my birthday? Thanks for going out of your way to congratulate me...
Moegi Koga Today is my birthday~! I want to hold a party!
Kota Tokachi
Jimpachi Raido It's my birthday! Give me a present~
Mao Wajima Today's my birthday! I'd like to get some handmade snacks or something like that~
Rikka Kiyomiya
Kaoru Aoi Since it's my birthday I want lots of sweets~
Adam Miller Today is my birthday! I wonder what present I'll get~!
Keiji Inuyama It's my birthday... I want you by my side....
Hisashi Tojo It's my birthday today.
Akari Tori It's Aka-chan's birthday! The congratulations are funny!
Shino Tokioka I'm grateful you remembered my birthday!
Minoru Nekota Today is my birthday! Give me a wonderful present!
Enju Hayama
Noeru Matsunaga
Kota Kiyomiya You're celebrating my birthday?! Why are you doing it?!
Mimi Arisugawa
Rara Arisugawa


  1. Konpeitou is a small colored sugar candy
  2. A phrase meaning "Be more honest with yourself"
  3. The kanji he uses for food 餌 is used to refer to pet food

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