Producer: (I have almost everything I'm needing for the classes...)
Producer: After I stop by the general store, I think I'm going home.
Producer: !!
Blackhearted Prince 1 (1)
Noah: Good day, Sensei. Are you stopping by somewhere on your way home?
Producer: ... You startled me. Don't do that, Noah-kun.
Noah: Ahaha, it seems like I've surprised you. I apologize for that.
Producer: Anyone would've been surprised if you suddenly put your hand on someone from behind.
Noah: I only reached out to you, because you passed by right in front of me.
Blackhearted Prince 1 (2)
Noah: I was just too happy, you know.
Producer: ... Just seeing me makes you this happy?
Noah: I'm happy. Because up until now I've never been to a school before.
Producer: What do you mean?
Blackhearted Prince 1 (3)
Noah: Up until now I've only received teachings by private tutors.
Noah: So by attending this school this is the first time I'm experiencing getting taught by a female teacher.
Noah: So I can not help but feel joy that you are mine.
Producer: ... It's inappropriate if you speak of me of "yours", you know?
Noah: But--
Blackhearted Prince 1 (4)
Noah: You are my teacher, right?
Producer: I'm not just your teacher. I'm everyone's teacher and producer.
Blackhearted Prince 1 (5)
Noah: So you belong to everyone. But this sounds very boring...
Noah: Hey, do you have no intention of becoming only mine?
Producer: I'm sorry to say, but this is not something I'm aiming for.
Noah: And what are you aiming for?
Producer: To raise you all into fine idols.
Noah: Pff, ahaha! Sensei, have you ever been told that this is weird?

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