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Producer: Weird? This is the first time someone said such an impolite thing.
Blackhearted Prince 2 (1)
Noah: Rather than weird... I'd say it's more of an interesting thing to say.
Producer: That sounds the same to me.
Noah: Is that so? Aren't you worthy of being called an interesting person for not choosing to become mine?
Producer: ... By these standards, I think you are more interesting than me, Noah-kun.
Blackhearted Prince 2 (2)
Noah: So we both feel the same kind of interest towards each other. Fufu, that's good. Let's build a wonderful relationship, Sensei.
Producer: ... But I can't help but feel uneasy.
Noah: Why is there a need to feel uneasy? We both see each other as very interesting objects.
Producer: That's... I think you're right, however...
Noah: I have a feeling that this interest will become deeper.
Producer: ... I wonder if that'll happen
Noah: I believe that it will happen.
Noah: I'm very happy that I met a person like you. Coming all the way to Japan is proving to be worthwhile.
Producer: You're saying this, but I'm also happy!
Noah: Finally you're showing me an expression like this.
Producer: An expression like this?
Noah: I wonder if our distance shortened a little? At the beginning you had a really cautious expression on your face.
Producer: ... That's because you said these weird things, Noah-kun.
Blackhearted Prince 2 (3)
Noah: When did I say weird things?
Noah: Actually, I was eager to compliment you, didn't you notice that, Sensei?
Producer: You wanted to compliment me, what?
Noah: That's right. There are various things, but for example...
Blackhearted Prince 2 (4)
Noah: That beautiful hair of yours... I can't help but wanting to kiss it.
Producer: ... Thank you for the compliment. But compliments will get you nowhere, you know?
Noah: I'm not complimenting you because I want something. I'm just saying what I think.
Producer: What a charmer. I wonder if this is what you can expect from exchange students?
Blackhearted Prince 2 (5)
Noah: You really are interesting.
Noah: To mumble something like this about me, this is the first time someone has taken such a blunt attitude towards me.
Noah: Ah. That reminds me, I was about to go somewhere. Well then, I'm going. See you again, Sensei.
Producer: (... In the end I really do find Noah-kun interesting, I think.)

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