Producer: All photos taken are good, but... I wonder if this really...
Blackhearted Prince 3 (1)
Noah: Producer, how do you like the results?
Noah: The photos we took this time will be used as public shots for the time being, right?
Producer: Yes. It'll be on the office's signboard as an artist photo for a while. What do you think, Noah-kun?
Noah: Since we took various photos... let me see.
Noah: Now that I see it, we really took photos in a lot of different styles.
Producer: Because I wanted to see which one can draw out the most charm out of you, Noah-kun.
Blackhearted Prince 3 (2)
Noah: Heh... so that's it? And, which one was the most charming to you, Producer?
Producer: I haven't seen all of them yet, but... Right now, it's this one I think.
Noah: This... this is one of the very first photos we've taken, one were I'm in casual clothes, no?
Producer: You got to wear many various costumes, but this is really different.
Producer: You are not the kind of person that needs to dress up to gain popularity. Your personality is what attracts many people
Blackhearted Prince 3 (3)
Noah: ... I'm happy that you speak of me in this way.
Noah: I want to hear more about what you think of my charm, Producer.
Noah: I want to know what kind of image I have in your eyes.
Producer: I mean, in this photo, wouldn't it be nice if the true black-hearted part of you reveals itself?
Blackhearted Prince 3 (4)
Noah: Black-hearted...?
Producer: That someone with such a pretty face is actually black-hearted, it's gap moe, right?
Noah: Pff, ahahahahahaha!
Producer: What, what's wrong, Noah-kun.
Noah: Because it's interesting that you say something way beyond my expectations.
Producer: Be-beyond your expectations? But as your producer I'm just being honest.
Noah: Ah, my stomach hurts. This is the first time I laughed heartily like this.
Producer: You really are black-hearted...
Blackhearted Prince 3 (5)
Noah: Me being black-hearted... I accept that as a compliment.
Producer: ... From the beginning I intended to choose words that will show my greatest respect.
Noah: The interesting things about you are really not coming to an end, Producer.

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