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Producer: Oh… What’s that sound?
Blessing you with a flower shower 1 (1)
Shiki: Hm? What’s wrong, my little kitten?
Producer: Don’t you… hear something? Listen, it’s that ringing sound. A bell, maybe?
Shiki: Oh, that’s what you’re talking about? It’s probably coming from that.
Producer: That?
Shiki: Look over there. They built a new church. …Come to think of it, there’s a wedding being held there today.
Producer: Well, aren’t you in the know.
Shiki: Yup. That’s because I’ve made quite a few pottery deliveries there. They invited me to come by to have a look if I had the time.
Producer: Is that right…?
Blessing you with a flower shower 1 (2)
Shiki: You know, it’s a really beautiful venue, and the interior is quite lovely, too. It’s also rather strange in that it mixes Japanese and western stylistic elements.
Shiki: I think they said they were going to use a western wedding dress, too, if I’m recalling correctly.
Shiki: You must have some interest in that sort of thing too, right, Producer?
Producer: Yeah, I guess I do…
Producer: (How nice… A wedding dress. I wonder if I’ll be able to get married to someone I love one day, too?)
Shiki: Producer?
Producer: Eh? Ah, sorry. I started daydreaming about it all of a sudden…
Blessing you with a flower shower 1 (3)
Shiki: Oh, come on. You should let me in on that, too. Let’s talk about it.
Producer: Talk about it?
Shiki: You know, you could say something like “Isn’t that dress beautiful?”, and then I’d say “You’re far more beautiful than the dress”, and so on. There a whole lot of things we could say to each other, right?
Producer: Ahaha, what kind of nonsense is that~?
Shiki: You’re redirecting the conversation. As always~…
Producer: If you know that’s what I’m up to, then don’t say things that I’ll make fun of you for.
Shiki: Fufu. …Do you want to be someone’s bride one day, Producer?
Producer: Sure, of course I do. …Ah!
Producer: (If I say it like that, then Amabe-kun’ll use it to say something like “Then why don’t you marry me? ☆”…)
[The producer glances up at him]
Blessing you with a flower shower 1 (4)
Shiki: …Producer?
Producer: (Wait, he didn’t say anything… Just what kind of person do I think Amabe-kun is? I’m giving myself too much credit.)
Blessing you with a flower shower 1 (5)
Shiki: Ah~! Don’t you think you’re playing dirty, looking up at me like that? I’m not gonna be able to hold myself back, you know?
Producer: …I take it back!
Shiki: Eh? What are you talking about?
Producer: It’s nothing… I was just saying that even though I’m not looking to get married just yet, I’d like to someday.
Producer: I’ve got a dream, and right now that takes top priority.
Shiki: Heh, I thought you’d say something like that. Though I suppose I’m relieved to hear you say it.
Producer: Eh, why’s that?
Shiki: Because, from the way you’re talking about this, it sounds like you haven’t decided on someone you’d want to marry, right? Which means that I still stand a chance.
Blessing you with a flower shower 1 (6)
Shiki: Starting right now, I’m in the running as one of your prospective grooms!


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