Producer (Today the weather is good too. It would be a nice change of pace to take a detour to school sometimes.)
British Gentleman (1)
Leon [Play] Cute girl spotted! He~y, the girl over there~
Producer Indeed, there are people that call out like that since early morning. It's somewhat deplorable.
British Gentleman (2)
Leon What~ It hurts to be ignored. Hey hey, can you hear my voice?
Producer ...Don't tell me, you were talking to me?
Leon Eh?
Producer Good morning, Leon-kun. Today, you're as energetic as ever, aren't you.
Leon What? Why is teacher here...?
Producer I thought, "Let's try taking a different road sometimes," that's why.
British Gentleman (3)
Leon Ahaha! Already meeting you in the early morning... Just how much of a lucky boy am I!
Producer *sigh*...Leon-kun, do you tend to do such things every morning?
British Gentleman (4)
Leon "Such things"?
Producer I'm talking about you greeting girls you haven't met before.
Leon I was taught that greeting cute girls is good manners in my country.
Producer ....But this is Japan. As your producer, it would make me happy if you stopped doing that, you know?
Leon Don't make such a scary face, teacher.
Leon Today, I greeted you because you're a pretty lady~
Producer Yeah yeah...Really, kids like you are...
Leon It's not a lie though? Your pretty hair, or your long and slender legs,
Leon or the fact that you have a nice perfume when you get near. Any normal boy's heart would start beating for you.
Producer Thank you very much for your compliments. But you know, Leon-kun, I'm not an idol, so having people thinking of me that way doesn't make me happy.
Leon Eh?
Producer I don't like getting pampered by a lot of men. For me, it's okay to just be complimented by one person who's important to me.
British Gentleman (5)
Leon ....Teacher, you're unexpectedly a romantic, aren't you.
Producer So are the girls in this world.
Producer But enough with that now, let's hurry up and go to school.
Leon Come to think of it, aren't you dressing a bit different from usual?

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