British Gentleman (6)
Leon [Play] Teacher, why are you wearing different clothes from usual? You look super beautiful!
Leon Is that because you're going to meet an important person?
Producer You can call it like that but...
British Gentleman (7)
Leon More important than me?
Producer ...Don't tell me, did you misunderstand something?
Leon Misunderstand?
Producer I have to meet an important person regarding a job business for you guys. That's why I'm wearing the so-called best clothes I have.
British Gentleman (8)
Leon Best clothes...
Producer You can say I wore these clothes because I want to leave a good impression on them.
Producer Well, in my case, you can call them battle clothes. But they seemed to have a great effect since I got called out by you.
Leon Ahaha! Just when you said battle clothes, it lost its sensuality.
Producer I don't need such things like sensuality. I'm going to earn this job.
British Gentleman (9)
Leon That way of thinking is very teacher-like.
Producer That's because I need to meet everyone's expectations.
Producer Look forward to it. I'll get a big job at all costs for your sakes.
Leon Really, teacher, you always go all-out for us.
Producer It's because that's my job.
Leon I knew you would say something like that.
Leon By the way, when are you going to that business job?
Producer Oh well, today I have lessons like usual, so maybe when it becomes the evening after the lessons.
Leon Evening...
Producer What are you planning?
Leon Hm? Hm--m, nothing in particular? I was just a bit interested.
British Gentleman (10)
Leon Ah, look, teacher. More importantly, isn't it about time you should hurry up?
Producer Wah, it's already that hour. I'm going first, okay?
Leon Ye--s, be careful.
Producer Leon-kun, you have to make sure to not be late to school, too. And then you shouldn't go flirting, okay?
Leon Yes Ye--s. Don't worry about it, teacher.

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