British Gentleman (11)
Leon: I've been waiting, teacher.
Producer: Leon-kun! Why are you wearing your costume?
Leon: After this, it's our job's business right?
Producer: Yes. Didn't we discuss it this morning?
Leon: If that's the case, I thought about us going there together.
British Gentleman (12)
Leon: I thought that, maybe if the person represented in the job is there himself to appeal more, then the chances to get the job will increase.
Leon: I got deeply moved by your words this morning!
Producer: Leon-kun...
Producer: (He may look like he's always flirting and playing around, but he's unexpectedly a diligent kid too...)
Leon: That said--
British Gentleman (13)
Leon: [Play] As a British gentleman, I have to escort you from here on. Please give me your hand...
Producer: Really, kids like you are...
British Gentleman (14)
Leon: Hehe, did you fall in love with me?
Producer: If you didn't say it in a pompous way, I could've changed my view of you.
British Gentleman (15)
Leon: Wha--t? You didn't like that treatment?
Producer: No. I don't hate it.
British Gentleman (16)
Leon: Ahaha, I really like that part of yours, when you say such words and take my hand.
Producer: Don't talk about such things so lightly.
Leon: Why? It doesn't make you happy?
Producer: You'll be the one in trouble if someone misunderstands.
Leon: Only people that want to get misunderstood say such things.
Producer: I wonder.
British Gentleman (17)
Leon: It would be nice if you believed more in me---
Producer: If that's so, show it with your actions rather than your words.
Leon: Yes yes---
Producer: Come on, let's go Leon-kun. We're going to be late for the promised hour.
Producer: We will definitely get a good job.
Leon: If it's you and me then everything will go smoothly!

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