Group Skill: Judgment Strengthening skills increase the accuracy of a certain number of Icon Taps during a Live. The Group Skill of the individual card activates, when all cards of the unit are in the team.

MISS disregardedEdit


Group MISS disregarded Times
Skill Description
Up to _ times during a song, a MISS will be disregarded!

(R/RR 10 times, SR/UR 20 times, LE/GR 30 times)

Card List
R/RR Rabi R Rabi RR Momosuke Oikawa R Momosuke Oikawa RR (Second Batch) Tatsumi Madarao R (Second Batch) Tatsumi Madarao RR
SR/UR Rabi SR Rabi UR (Valentine's Day Scout) Eva Armstrong SR (Valentine's Day Scout) Eva Armstrong UR (Phantom Thief vs Police Scout) Kokoro Hanabusa SR (Phantom Thief vs Police Scout) Kokoro Hanabusa UR (Taisho Roman Scout) Toya Honoki SR (Taisho Roman Scout) Toya Honoki UR (RPG Scout) Akio Tobikura SR (RPG Scout) Akio Tobikura UR

(Circus Scout) Noah SR (Circus Scout) Noah UR (Amusement Park Scout) Li Chaoyang SR (Amusement Park Scout) Li Chaoyang UR (Second Batch) Takamichi Sanzenin SR (Second Batch) Takamichi Sanzenin UR (Snowy Day Scout) Futami Akabane SR (Snowy Day Scout) Futami Akabane UR (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Issei Todoroki SR (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Issei Todoroki UR

(Second Batch) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Second Batch) Runa Kagurazaka UR

LE/GR Rabi LE Rabi GR (Momiji no hosomichi) Toya Honoki LE (Momiji no hosomichi) Toya Honoki GR Momosuke Oikawa LE Momosuke Oikawa GR (Taisho Roman Scout) Aoi Kakitsubata LE (Taisho Roman Scout) Aoi Kakitsubata GR (Wild Pitch Ceremony) Torahiko Kusakabe LE (Wild Pitch Ceremony) Torahiko Kusakabe GR

(Cyber Scout) Ban Jumonji LE (Cyber Scout) Ban Jumonji GR (Grandmaster Scout) Tsubaki Rindo LE (Grandmaster Scout) Tsubaki Rindo GR (TOYBOX Scout) Eva Armstrong LE (TOYBOX Scout) Eva Armstrong GR (Children's Day Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (Children's Day Scout) Runa Kagurazaka GR


Group MISS disregarded Chance
Skill Description
Each MISS has a _% Chance of being disregarded!

(R/RR 30%, SR/UR 50%, LE/GR 70%)

Card List
R/RR Leon R Leon RR Raku Wakaoji R Raku Wakaoji RR
SR/UR Leon SR Leon UR Raku Wakaouji SR Raku Wakaoji UR (Art Appreciation scout) Takamichi Sanzenin SR (Art Appreciation scout) Takamichi Sanzenin UR (Reading Week Scout) Kanata Minato SR (Reading Week Scout) Kanata Minato UR (New Year Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (New Year Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi UR

(Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Kokoro Hanabusa SR (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Kokoro Hanabusa UR (Amusement Park Scout) Tsubaki Rindo SR (Amusement Park Scout) Tsubaki Rindo UR

LE/GR Leon LE Leon GRRaku Wakaoji LE Raku Wakaoji GR (FanxFunxGift) Akira Mitsurugi LE (FanxFunxGift) Akira Mitsurugi GR (Hanazakari Danshi) Tatsumi Madarao LE (Hanazakari Danshi) Tatsumi Madarao GR (Autograph Meeting) Futami Akabane LE (Autograph Meeting) Futami Akabane GR

(Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun) Kyosuke Momoi GR (creation) Kokoro Hanabusa GR (creation) Noah GR (X'mas 2016 Scout) Mio Yamanobe LE (X'mas 2016 Scout) Mio Yamanobe GR (FanxFunxGift 2) Akio Tobikura LE (FanxFunxGift 2) Akio Tobikura GR (QA Scout) Shiki Amabe LE (QA Scout) Shiki Amabe GR



Group MISS becomes PERFECT Times
Skill Description
Up to _ times during a Song, a MISS will be changed to PERFECT!

(R/RR 10 times, SR/UR 20 times, LE/GR 40 times)

Card List
R/RR Noah R Noah RR Orihara Hikaru R Orihara Hikaru RR (Second Batch) Toya Honoki R (Second Batch) Toya Honoki RR
SR/UR Noah SR Noah UR Hikaru Orihara SR Orihara Hikaru UR (Summer festival scout) Noah SR (Summer festival scout) Noah UR (Art Appreciation scout) Akira Mitsurugi SR (Art Appreciation scout) Akira Mitsurugi UR (Valentine's Day Scout) Satsuki Kururugi SR (Valentine's Day Scout) Satsuki Kururugi UR

(June Bride Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (June Bride Scout) Runa Kagurazaka UR (Taisho Roman Scout) Tatsumi Madarao SR (Taisho Roman Scout) Tatsumi Madarao UR (Cultural Festival Scout) Mio Yamanobe SR (Cultural Festival Scout) Mio Yamanobe UR (Amusement Park Scout) Baber SR (Amusement Park Scout) Baber UR (Gods of fortune Scout) Raku Wakaouji SR (Gods of fortune Scout) Raku Wakaouji UR

(Second Batch) Akira Mitsurugi SR (Second Batch) Akira Mitsurugi UR

LE/GR Noah LE Noah GR Orihara Hikaru LE Orihara Hikaru GR (Jack Event ~Furious Heaven~) Issei Todoroki LE (Jack Event ~Furious Heaven~) Issei Todoroki GR (Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi!) Tsubaki Rindo LE (Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi!) Tsubaki Rindo GR (Oni wa soto! Koi wa Come on!) Leon LE (Oni wa soto! Koi wa Come on!) Leon GR

(Arabian Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi LE (Arabian Scout) Mutsuki Kururugi GR (1st Anniversary Scout) Mio Yamanobe LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Mio Yamanobe GR (RPG Scout) Shiki Amabe LE (RPG Scout) Shiki Amabe GR (Perfume) Akira Mitsurugi GR (X'mas 2016 Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE (X'mas 2016 Scout) Kuro Yakaku GR

(Flower Viewing 2017 Scout) Satsuki Kururugi LE (Flower Viewing 2017 Scout) Satsuki Kururugi GR


Group MISS becomes PERFECT Chance
Skill Description
Each MISS has a _% Chance of being changed to PERFECT!

(R/RR 20%, SR/UR 40%, LE/GR 60%)

Card List
R/RR Lucas R Lucas RR Aoi Kakitsubata R Aoi Kakitsubata RR
SR/UR Lucas SR Lucas UR Aoi Kakitsubata SR Aoi Kakitsubata UR (Second Batch) Mutsuki Kururugi SR (Second Batch) Mutsuki Kururugi UR (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Issei Todoroki SR (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Issei Todoroki UR
LE/GR Lucas LE Lucas GR Aoi Kakitsubata LE Aoi Kakitsubata GR (Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou) Eva Armstrong LE (Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou) Eva Armstrong GR (1st Anniversary Scout) Issei Todoroki LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Issei Todoroki GR (1st Anniversary Scout) Momosuke Oikawa LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Momosuke Oikawa GR

(creation) Seiya Aido GR (Kago no naka no Dystopia) Saku Uruha LE (Kago no naka no Dystopia) Saku Uruha GR


All PERFECT JudgmentEdit

Skill Description
When the amount of PERFECT reaches 50, Tap Judgment will become all PERFECT for the next _ seconds!

(R/RR 10 seconds, SR/UR 20 seconds, LE/GR 30 seconds)

Card List
R/RR Torahiko Kusakabe R Torahiko Kusakabe RR (Second Batch) Futami Akabane R (Second Batch) Futami Akabane RR
SR/UR Torahiko Kusakabe SR Torahiko Kusakabe UR (Ocean event scout) Leon SR (Ocean event scout) Leon UR (June Bride Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin SR (June Bride Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin UR (Animal Teahouse Scout) Satsuki Kururugi SR (Animal Teahouse Scout) Satsuki Kururugi UR (Taisho Roman Scout) Eva Armstrong SR (Taisho Roman Scout) Eva Armstrong UR

(Sports Festival Scout) Ban Jumonji SR (Sports Festival Scout) Ban Jumonji UR Baber SR Baber UR (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Noah SR (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Noah UR (Part-time Job 2017 Scout) Akira Mitsurugi SR (Part-time Job 2017 Scout) Akira Mitsurugi UR

LE/GR Torahiko Kusakabe LE Torahiko Kusakabe GR Kokoro Hanabusa LE Kokoro Hanabusa GR (X'mas Scout) Issei Todoroki LE (X'mas Scout) Issei Todoroki GR (FanxFunxGift) Kanata Minato LE (FanxFunxGift) Kanata Minato GR (Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan) Satsuki Kururugi LE (Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan) Satsuki Kururugi GR

(Renai Detox) Akira Mitsurugi LE (Renai Detox) Akira Mitsurugi GR (Pool Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin LE (Pool Scout) Takamichi Sanzenin GR (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Tsubaki Rindo LE (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Tsubaki Rindo GR (creation) Eva Armstrong GR (Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi) Li Chaoyang LE (Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi) Li Chaoyang GR

(Sanshoku Koufukuron!!) Ban Jumonji LE (Sanshoku Koufukuron!!) Ban Jumonji GR (1st Oshinobi Date) Runa Kagurazaka LE (1st Oshinobi Date) Runa Kagurazaka GR

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