The Group Skill of the individual card activates, when all cards of the unit are in the team.

Stamina RecoveryEdit


Group Stamina COMBO
Skill Description
When the COMBO reaches _, Stamina is restored by _!

(R/RR 4 stamina with 80 COMBO, SR/UR 8 stamina with 100 COMBO, LE/GR 12 stamina with 200 COMBO)

(COMBO varies, check the individual card page for details.)

Card List
R/RR Kyosuke Momoi R Kyosuke Momoi RR (Second Batch) Kokoro Hanabusa R (Second Batch) Kokoro Hanabusa RR
SR/UR Kyosuke Momoi SR Kyosuke Momoi UR (Halloween scout) Satsuki Kururugi SR (Halloween scout) Satsuki Kururugi UR (Second Batch) Aoi Kakitsubata SR (Second Batch) Aoi Kakitsubata UR (Phantom Thief vs Police Scout) Runa Kagurazaka SR (Phantom Thief vs Police Scout) Runa Kagurazaka UR (Pool Scout) Kokoro Hanabusa SR (Pool Scout) Kokoro Hanabusa UR

(Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Mio Yamanobe SR (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Mio Yamanobe UR (Hot Springs Scout) Hikaru Orihara SR (Hot Springs Scout) Hikaru Orihara UR (RPG Scout) Kyosuke Momoi SR (RPG Scout) Kyosuke Momoi UR (Cultural Festival Scout) Saku Uruha SR (Cultural Festival Scout) Saku Uruha UR (Amusement Park Scout) Akira Mitsurugi SR (Amusement Park Scout) Akira Mitsurugi UR

(Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Raku Wakaouji SR (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Raku Wakaouji UR (Part-time Job 2017 Scout) Kanata Minato SR (Part-time Job 2017 Scout) Kanata Minato UR (Tamayura Scarlet) Momosuke Oikawa SR (Tamayura Scarlet) Momosuke Oikawa UR

LE/GR Kyosuke Momoi LE Kyousuke Momoi GR (Part-time Job Scout) Satsuki Kururugi LE (Part-time Job Scout) Satsuki Kururugi GR (June Bride Scout) Ban Jumonji LE (June Bride Scout) Ban Jumonji GR (1st Anniversary Scout) Eva Armstrong LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Eva Armstrong GR (Phantom Thief vs Police Scout) Momosuke Oikawa LE (Phantom Thief vs Police Scout) Momosuke Oikawa GR

(New Year 2017 Scout) Raku Wakaouji LE (New Year 2017 Scout) Raku Wakaouji GR (2016 I-Chu Awards) Issei Todoroki GR (glace) Kuro Yakaku GR


Group Stamina Restoration
Skill Description
When Stamina reaches 30% or less, it is restored by _%!

(R/RR 30%, SR/UR 50%, LE/GR 80% restoration)

Card List
R/RR Minato Kanata R Kanata Minato RR Li Chaoyang R Li Chaoyang RR Shiki Amabe R Shiki Amabe RR Todoroki Issei R Todoroki Issei RR
SR/UR Li Chaoyang SR Li Chaoyang UR Shiki Amabe SR Shiki Amabe UR (Summer festival scout) Shiki Amabe SR (Summer festival scout) Shiki Amabe UR Todoroki Issei SR Todoroki Issei UR (X'mas Scout) Ban Jumonji SR (X'mas Scout) Ban Jumonji UR

(Flower Viewing Scout) Noah SR (Flower Viewing Scout) Noah UR (Second Batch) Toya Honoki SR (Second Batch) Toya Honoki UR (Party People Scout) Tsubaki Rindo SR (Party People Scout) Tsubaki Rindo UR (Shinsengumi Scout) Akio Tobikura SR (Shinsengumi Scout) Akio Tobikura UR

LE/GR Li Chaoyang LE Li Chaoyang GR Shiki Amabe LE Shiki Amabe GR Todoroki Issei LE Issei Todoroki GR (Halloween Scout) Mio Yamanobe LE (Halloween scout) Mio Yamanobe GR (Kiss me HERO!) Seiya Aido LE (Kiss me HERO!) Seiya Aido GR

(Banshou no Le Ciel Bleu) Takamichi Sanzenin LE (Banshou no Le Ciel Bleu) Takamichi Sanzenin GR (1st Anniversary Scout) Runa Kagurazaka LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Runa Kagurazaka GR (Tsuikai no Gentiana) Toya Honoki LE (Tsuikai no Gentiana) Toya Honoki GR (Accessory) Kokoro Hanabusa GR (X'mas 2016 Scout) Satsuki Kururugi LE (X'mas 2016 Scout) Satsuki Kururugi GR

(New Year 2017 Scout) Noah LE (New Year 2017 Scout) Noah GR (Grandmaster Scout) Akio Tobikura LE (Grandmaster Scout) Akio Tobikura GR


Group Stamina Revival
Skill Description
When Stamina reaches 0, it is restored by _%!

(R/RR -%, SR/UR -%, LE/GR 50%)

Card List
R/RR Currently none
SR/UR (New Year Scout) Seiya Aido SR (New Year Scout) Seiya Aido UR (Second Batch) Tsubaki Rindo SR (Second Batch) Tsubaki Rindo UR
LE/GR LE Seiya Aido Seiya Aido GR (Summer festival scout) Aido Seiya LE (Summer festival scout) Aido Seiya GR (soleil) Seiya Aido GR

Attribute ChangeEdit


Group Attribute Change WILD
Skill Description
All Icons become of the WILD Attribute!
Card List
R/RR Kokoro Hanabusa R Kokoro Hanabusa RR Yamanobe Mio R Yamanobe Mio RR Kuro Yakaku R Kuro Yakaku RR
SR/UR Currently none
LE/GR Currently none


Group Attribute Change POP
Skill Description
All Icons become of the POP Attribute!
Card List
R/RR Jumonji Ban R Jumonji Ban RR Baber R Baber RR
SR/UR Currently none
LE/GR Currently none


Group Attribute Change COOL
Skill Description
All Icons become of the COOL Attribute!
Card List
R/RR (Second Batch) Kanata Minato R (Second Batch) Kanata Minato RR Saku Uruha R Saku Uruha RR (Second Batch) Tsubaki Rindo R (Second Batch) Tsubaki Rindo RR (Second Batch) Satsuki Kururugi R (Second Batch) Satsuki Kururugi RR
SR/UR Jumonji Ban SR Jumonji Ban UR
LE/GR Currently none


Bonding PointsEdit

Group Bonding Points
Skill Description
After clearing a Song, Team Members receive x_ more Bonding Points!

(R/RR x1.2, SR/UR x1.3, LE/GR x1.4)

Card List
R/RR Akio Tobikura R Akio Tobikura RR (Second Batch) Ban Jumonji R (Second Batch) Ban Jumonji RR (Second Batch) Hikaru Orihara R (Second Batch) Hikaru Orihara RR (Second Batch) Seiya Aido R (Second Batch) Seiya Aido RR
SR/UR Akio Tobikura SR Akio Tobikura UR (Summer festival scout) Akio Tobikura SR (Summer festival scout) Akio Tobikura UR (Summer festival scout) Kokoro Hanabusa SR (Summer festival scout) Kokoro Hanabusa UR (Reading Week Scout) Tatsumi Madarao SR (Reading Week Scout) Tatsumi Madarao UR (New Year Scout) Futami Akabane SR (New Year Scout) Futami Akabane UR

(Valentine's Day Scout) Torahiko Kusakabe SR (Valentine's Day Scout) Torahiko Kusakabe UR (Second Batch) Satsuki Kururugi SR (Second Batch) Satsuki Kururugi UR

LE/GR Akio Tobikura LE Akio Tobikura GR (Shikkoku no Prelude) Eva Armstrong LE (Shikkoku no Prelude) Eva Armstrong GR (FanxFunxGift) Seiya Aido LE (FanxFunxGift) Seiya Aido GR (Rainy×2 Shiny) Kokoro Hanabusa LE (Rainy×2 Shiny) Kokoro Hanabusa GR (1st Anniversary Scout) Satsuki Kururugi LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Satsuki Kururugi GR

(2016 I-Chu Awards) Akira Mitsurugi GR

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