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Producer: (Phew… It looks like I made it on time, one way or another? Ahaha, that group over there having such a ball has to be them.)
Cherry blossom&#039;s oath 1 (1)
Seiya: Ah, Producer! Over here, over here!
Producer: Sorry I’m late. But I was able to get most of my work done, so I’m free to spend the rest of the day watching the flowers with you.
Seiya: Seriously? Awesome!
Seiya: If we’ve all got a chance to have a hanami together, then of course you’ve gotta be here too, Producer!
Producer: Fufu, I’m happy to hear you say that. I really feel like it was worth all of the effort to get my work done, too.
Seiya: Wait here for a sec; I’ll go get the lunchboxes.
Producer: Okay.
Producer: (So he got lunch ready… I made some too, just in case, but… Oh, well, it’s probably fine this way.)
Seiya: Producer...
Producer: Wh-what’s wrong? Why do you look so sad…?
Seiya: Sorry, I didn’t make sure to tell the others not to, so… They all ate what I thought was still left…
Cherry blossom&#039;s oath 1 (2)
Seiya: I’m so sorry! I’ll go buy something else right now! Just give me a few minutes, okay?
Producer: Ah, wait, Aido-kun! It’s fine.
Seiya: What do you mean, “it’s fine”…? You must be hungry, right?
Producer: Well, I am hungry, but… I brought some lunchboxes with me, too.
Seiya: ...Eh?
Producer: Actually, I didn’t even hear that you were getting anything ready for lunch! I got so into making it that I ended up with a lot of different things.
Producer: Would you like to have some too, Aido-kun?
Cherry blossom&#039;s oath 1 (3)
Seiya: Can I…!?
Producer: Sure. I’d be a lot happier if we ate it together!
Cherry blossom&#039;s oath 1 (4)
Seiya: Uwahh, this is awesome–! These look way better than the ones we had before!
Seiya: Hey, Producer, I wanna have this one.
Producer: Sure. Take whatever you like.
Seiya: Ahhh… Yeah, this is sooo good!
Seiya: Hehe! It makes me so happy to eat a lunch that you made, Producer! …Ah, hold on a sec.
Cherry blossom&#039;s oath 1 (5)
Seiya: Producer, there’s a petal on your head. Sit still…
Seiya: Okay, got it.
Producer: Th-thanks…


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