Cherry blossom's oath 2 (1)
Seiya: Ohh, they’re still blooming so beautifully! We can do our show and watch the flowers at the same time!
Producer: That’s true. I was wondering what we were going to do if the cherry blossoms had already fallen after we’d bothered to schedule a hanami-themed show.
Seiya: It’s some of our “compensation” for everything we’ve done for the past few days, don’t you think?
Producer: Ahaha, you sure know some difficult words, don’t you?
Seiya: Yeah! I learned that when Akira said it earlier!
Cherry blossom's oath 2 (2)
Seiya: Ahh, coming here kind of reminds me of what your homemade lunchboxes tasted like…
Producer: Did it really leave that much of an impression on you? I didn’t make anything that great…
Cherry blossom's oath 2 (3)
Seiya: Noooo way! That lunch was the tastiest thing I’ve ever had in my entire life!
Producer: You’re exaggerating.
Seiya: I’m telling you, it’s the truth! Hey, make another one for me sometime, okay?
Producer: That’s fine, I suppose, but… I really can’t make anything other than very simple dishes, you know? And I’m definitely not as good of a cook as you’re making me out to be…
Seiya: That’s totally fine! Yayyy–! I can eat the producer’s homemade lunchboxes again–!!
Producer: Geez… Just don’t complain if they aren’t good, okay?
Seiya: There’s no way that something you made could be bad!
Producer: Where is that confidence of yours coming from…? It’s actually putting more pressure on me than anything else.
Cherry blossom's oath 2 (4)
Seiya: Hehe, it just means that I believe in you, is all.
Producer: …Th-thanks?
Seiya: Hm? Hold on, Producer, can you hold still for me?
Producer: ...Eh?
Seiya: …I smell something good on you.
Producer: Something that smells good? I don’t really do anything special, though…
Seiya: I don’t really get why, but it makes me feel really relaxed, and like I always want to smell that scent.
Producer: …Just what are you saying right now?
Seiya: Hey, it’s the truth, so I can’t help it, right?
Seiya: Okay, that scent is firmly in my mind! Both that and the cherry blossoms kind of make me feel like I’m in a dream right now~.
Seiya: Alllll right, I’m gonna do my very best during today’s show, just like always!
Producer: Ahaha. Maybe seeing all of these cherry blossoms had some sort of strange effect on him?


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