Cherry blossom's oath 3 (1)
Seiya: Ahaha, isn’t the view awesome?
Seiya: You’re all waving your arms around so much that it’s sent the wind towards the stage, and it’s brought all of the cherry blossom petals with it.
Seiya: It feels like it’s some form of magic!
Seiya: Thanks for letting us see such an amazing kind of magic! We’ll give you back eeevery last bit of that with our songs, so make sure you take it all in!
Seiya: Today’s show was just as much fun as they always are! Or, rather, the cherry blossoms were totally amazing! I wish I could have shown them to you, too, Producer…
Producer: I saw them. I thought that you probably had a really amazing view of it all from up on stage.
Producer: You were all revved up from the start of the show right until the very end, Aido-kun.
Seiya: Well, I do love to do shows outside!
Seiya: It’s the greatest feeling in the world to be able to sing your heart under the wide-open sky. And at the very end of the show, we got to sing while we were surrounded by all of the blooming cherry blossoms!
Seiya: It was great to sing at the beach, but this was lots of fun, too!
Producer: Well then, let’s do an outdoor show like this around the same time next year.
Seiya: Yeah! That’s a promise!
Producer: Okay.
Cherry blossom's oath 3 (2)
Seiya: Hehe...
Producer: Hm? What’s up? You seem a little… embarrassed?
Seiya: Nah, I guess it’s just… I’m just thinking about how happy I was that we could promise to be together like this next year.
Producer: Oh, really? I was already planning on us being together for a long time anyway, though.
Seiya: Do you mean that?
Producer: Have I ever lied to you before?
Seiya: …Nope.
Producer: Then trust me. I’ll be with you the entire time, right up until you become an idol.
Cherry blossom's oath 3 (3)
Seiya: You’re even cooler than you usually are today, Producer.
Producer: Am I? I wasn’t trying to do anything different, though…
Seiya: But you are different. I dunno, how should I put this…
Seiya: I’m more enchanted by you than the cherry blossoms.
Producer: …I was more enchanted by you singing in that whirlwind of petals than the blossoms themselves.
Seiya: …You really are so cool today, Producer.
Producer: Ahaha, well, if I really look cool to you, then it’s just because you’ve captivated me all over again.
Cherry blossom's oath 3 (4)
Seiya: …Hey, Producer.
Producer: What?
Seiya: If I told you that I wanted you to stay by my side as [Name], and not my producer, then…
Cherry blossom's oath 3 (5)
Seiya: Ahh, no no no! I don’t have anything cool to say after that…! I’m calling a do-over! Let me come back and try that again…!
Producer: Ah, okay? What’s gotten into you, Aido-kun?
Producer: (Well, whatever. Anyway! I’ll work my hardest for your sake! I’m still counting on you from here on out, Aido-kun.)


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