Lucas RR Affection Story 1 (1)
Lucas: The tuning's really out of whack... after an adjustment...
Producer: There's still someone here?
Lucas: ...
Producer: Lucas-kun. Are you practicing by yourself? The allotted time for practice has already passed...
Lucas: Can't you tell? I'm still in the midst of practice. Don't be a nuisance.
Producer: ... You have quite a cold way of talking. Did I do something to you?
Lucas: I...
Producer: You...?
Lucas RR Affection Story 1 (2)
Lucas: I don't have faith in you. I find it impossible to do so.
Producer: ... What makes you say that?
Lucas: Because you're a teacher in this school.
Producer: "Because I'm a teacher in this school"... what do you mean by that?
Lucas: I don't feel obligated to answer.
Producer: I can't just quit being a teacher or a producer but what can I do to earn your trust?
Lucas: That would be...
Lucas RR Affection Story 1 (3)
Lucas: [Play] I hate half-assed guys... I wonder what you're like?
Producer: I'm not very fond of people who are half-hearted either
Lucas RR Affection Story 1 (4)
Lucas: That's not it. I'm asking you to prove to me that you aren't someone who's half-hearted.
Lucas: If you aren't capable of doing so, I refuse to acknowledge you as a producer
Producer: It's true that we don't know much about each other so I'd be asking too much for you to put your faith in me
Producer: But from here on out, I plan to do my best to earn your respect
Producer: Therefore don't turn me down before you get to know me, give me a chance okay?
Lucas: ... Say whatever you want
Producer: Lucas-kun...
Lucas RR Affection Story 1 (5)
Lucas: The allotted time has passed. I'll need to wrap things up soon
Lucas: ... Well then
Producer: He left...


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