Producer: Ah... why does he hate me so much?
Producer: There shouldn't be any reason for his disdain though...
Producer: ... Although there's no reason why he should hate me, a reason for him to trust me has yet to exist
Producer: Alright...! If it's come down to this...
Lucas RR Affection Story 2 (1)
Lucas: Ah...
Lucas: (I've really gone and said it...)
Lucas: (Suddenly raising my voice in anger is a bad habit of mine. But even so...)
Lucas: It'd be useless even if I thought about it, probably. I should head home quickly and practice the guitar
Lucas: What are you thinking...
Producer: Is something the matter? I just came because I took up this job for your sake
Lucas RR Affection Story 2 (2)
Lucas: Why do I have to take on modeling? I'm the bassist aren't I!?
Producer: Indeed. You're the bassist of IB. But before that you're an I-chu of this academy.
Producer: Are you saying you aren't able to do your I-chu work as well? Wouldn't that make you one of those "half-assed guys" you hate?
Lucas: Damn you...
Lucas: ... It'll be fine if I do it right?
Producer: Yes
Lucas RR Affection Story 2 (3)
Lucas: Watch carefully, I'll show you how a real guy with resolution does his work
Lucas: ...
Producer: Good work. Did the camera men praise you? I'm really proud of you as well
Lucas: ... I'm at fault
Producer: Eh?
Lucas RR Affection Story 2 (4)
Lucas: I said it was my bad. I didn't know anything about your job and I already had decided you were a half-hearted person
Producer: What's gotten into you all of a sudden?
Lucas: I heard from the camera men. They told me you're a very passionate producer
Lucas: You'd come everyday to win over people for me and throw yourself into this job
Producer: I mean, you possess the charm to achieve such feats
Lucas RR Affection Story 2 (5)
Lucas: ...
Producer: You know, I hate things that are done half-heartedly as well
Producer: Therefore I took on this job wiling to fight to the end. I hope my seriousness was conveyed to you, even if just a little


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