Lucas RR Affection Story 3 (1)
Lucas: [Play] I was wrong to doubt you... I think I'll try to trust you
Producer: Lucas-kun... I'm glad you will
Lucas: The job I want to try this time...
Producer: You're tall, with a nice face and cool eyes, no matter how one looks at it you have flawless features- and to not put them to use...
Producer: If it was like that, as a producer with pride, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself
Lucas: ...
Producer: Is it surprising for a female producer to say such things?
Lucas RR Affection Story 3 (2)
Lucas: No... heh, aha ha!
Producer: Lucas-kun?
Lucas: Sorry... I didn't think you'd be that kind of person. I certainly wasted energy doubting you
Lucas RR Affection Story 3 (3)
Lucas: [Play] I think a girl like you wouldn't be bad
Lucas: I didn't think you were such a passionate person
Lucas: Well then, person of passion, or should I say person of ambition
Producer: ...You really are surprised aren't you?
Lucas: If it's you, I feel I can entrust you with I♥B from here on out
Lucas: Therefore, I want you to promise me something
Lucas RR Affection Story 3 (4)
Lucas: Make us into top idols that anyone would know
Lucas: If it's for that sake, we would be willing to put in as much effort as required
Producer: Of course, I'll definitely try to make you guys into top idols
Producer: Definitely
Lucas RR Affection Story 3 (5)
Lucas: Ah... I have faith in you. Producer


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