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Producer: Can you try doing that part once more?
Rabi: I should try lowering the tempo a bit. If I add too much force into it I'll end up killing the good part of the song.
Producer: Yes. I think that would be good. Try to lower it once so that it won't sound off.
Rabi: Okay, then let's go with this tempo. 1, 2--
Collision and reconciliation 1 (2)
Tsubaki: Sorry to intrude in the middle of practice.
Rabi: Tsubaki. What happened?
Tsubaki: I was searching for the producer. Is she here?
Producer: I'm here but... Did something happen?
Tsubaki: Shouldn't our new song have already arrived?
Producer: The song? ....I think it still hasn't arrived.
Tsubaki: It can't be. I got a call from the composer where he told me his impressions on the song. It should have already arrived.
Producer: Ehm....
Producer: (Did I ommit it? Lately I've been receiving a lot of mails from different people after all...)
Producer: (And now I'm in the middle of the lesson with I♥B.....)
Rabi: Don't worry too much about us. It would be better if you went and confirmed it ASAP.
Producer: ....Ok, I'm sorry but I will leave for a little bit.
Producer: So, the mail.... Ah, it's here
Collision and reconciliation 1 (3)
Tsubaki: .............
Producer: I'm sorry. It was sent a few days ago, but I missed it...
Tsubaki: Enough with the apologies now and hurry up to make it possible to hear.
Producer: Yes, once it's made into a CD.
Tsubaki: Good grief... There's a limit to being careless y'know?
Producer: .....It's exactly as you said. I'm sorry for it.
Collision and reconciliation 1 (4)
Tsubaki: Hand it over once it's burned on the CD.
Producer: ........
Tsubaki: Tsk.....
Producer: God dammit.... What am I doing. I'm the worst....
Producer: He's definitely angry at me, isn't he? It would be obvious. I wonder if the other members are angry too....
Producer: (I should leave regretting to a side and do what should be done. I need to give it a break....)
Producer: .....First of all, I need to apologize to the composer.

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