Producer: sigh.... It's not good at all...
Producer: (I can't get out of my mind what happened earlier. I thought about going outside to take a breath of fresh air but...)
Producer: (I can't feel better at all... Even though it wouldn't help at all to continue to feel down about it....)
Collision and reconciliation 2 (1)
Tsubaki: So you were here. I was searching for you.
Producer: Rindo-kun....
Collision and reconciliation 2 (2)
Tsubaki: sigh.......
Tsubaki: Are you feeling down perhaps?
Producer: Rather than feeling down.... I'm just regretting it.
Tsubaki: And that's called feeling down. Won't you stop it with that attitude and get a hold on yourself?
Producer: ...I-I'm sorry. I have to pay attention to such things. It's fine now...
Tsubaki: It's not about that.... I would be troubled if you kept being in that condition.
Producer: Eh....?
Tsubaki: I'm the cause that you're feeling so down, right? 'Cause I hurt you.
Collision and reconciliation 2 (3)
Tsubaki: Toya and Aoi scolded me. They said "Everyone makes errors, but you surely were too harsh on her".
Tsubaki: ....I was irritated earlier. That's why I think I said too much.... I'm sorry.
Collision and reconciliation 2 (4)
Tsubaki: I regret it too, so stop worrying about it.
Producer: .....Thank you. I feel better now that you said it.
Tsubaki: .....You don't look like that at all.
Producer: It's the truth. I feel better now.
Tsubaki: ...Yeah sure. Really, you're such a bothersome woman!
Tsubaki: Stop letting your head hang because of it! I hate such women.
Producer: Rindo-kun...
Tsubaki: You're not like that, right?
Collision and reconciliation 2 (5)
Tsubaki: The producer I approved of shouldn't be such a weakling.
Tsubaki: Listen. If I see you being down like that I won't forgive you!
Producer: You keep saying what I want to hear....
Producer: ....Alright, feeling down ends here. I will do what I have to.... For you.

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