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Collision and reconciliation 3 (1)
Tsubaki: Today we will hold a photoshoot in the studio, huh.... I don't really like posing or stuff like that.
Producer: Good morning, Rindo-kun!
Tsubaki: Producer?! Why are you here? Weren't you supposed to not attend this photoshoot?
Producer: Yes, I was supposed not to. However, there was something I wanted to suggest, so I came to finish all my work in the morning.
Producer: It's because it looks like there's not really a concept for today's photoshoot.
Producer: I thought that maybe the photos would end up looking good if we made the photoshoot like a flow of events, or more correctly, like a story.
Producer: I just got the new song too, so I wanted to make the photoshoot fit the atmosphere of the song.
Producer: That's just a consultation, though....
Collision and reconciliation 3 (2)
Tsubaki: Pff, Hahaha!
Producer: ...Rindo-kun?
Tsubaki: Just the other day you were looking so pathetic and feeling down, but you seem to have recovered quite fast.
Producer: .....I mustn't keep showing such a terrible side of me after all.
Tsubaki: Oh? So you realize that you didn't look good. I feel relieved now.
Producer: I could understand that much. And with such a basic error from me, I couldn't even act like usual.
Producer: I was about to cry for looking so pathetic.
Collision and reconciliation 3 (3)
Tsubaki: A woman that cries just because of that isn't fitted to be our producer.
Producer: I know. That's why I thought about changing.
Producer: Because I want to be someone important to you and the others.
Producer: ....I'm really sorry for earlier. But I will definitely restore it.
Collision and reconciliation 3 (4)
Tsubaki: Fuh. Those are the eyes. Those eyes full of determination got my attention ever since I first met you.
Tsubaki: I've got expectations of you. Don't dissapoint me anymore, ok?
Producer: I will manage to surpass your expectations, so be prepared.
Tsubaki: Kuku. You're surely in perfect shape today. Aaa~aaah, and here I thought I would be able to tease you a lot today!
Producer: Ahaha, I won't match your liking, you know?
Tsubaki: Haha! We will see!
Producer: I have confidence in my ideas, so will you hear what I have to say?
Tsubaki: Ah, right, you had something to propose. The other members are taking photos there too, so let's hold a meeting together to discuss it.
Tsubaki: And then you will tell us what image you had in mind for us.
Tsubaki: If you manage to bring up image of Tenjyou Tenge even more that what I'm able to, I will ignore what happened the other day.
Producer: .....Didn't you forgive me for that?
Tsubaki: I've got quite the sadistic side, so I won't forgive you that easily.
Producer: ....You tease.

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