Conte de fées chapter 1 -1
Lucas: ………………
Lucas: Très bien. This book is great……
Lucas: (The fairytales that I’ve read with pleasure since I was young, the ones from the ‘Animal Baby’ Series.)
Lucas: (The author Tiger Kids must be a female with a pure heart, someone like Japan’s Yamato Nadeshiko……)
Lucas: (Since the artist is a writer for children’s story and is Japanese, I always had to order new books while I lived in France……)
Lucas: (But I never imagined a day would come where I could read it slowly like this right on the release date when I came to Japan……)
Lucas: (It was worth coming to Japan on an exchange even if just for this……. However, I can’t let the others know that this is my hobby.)
Lucas: (It can’t be helped that Producer found out about it, but that person will most definitely keep it a secret.)
Lucas: (The problem is Leon……. If he finds out about it, there’s no doubt that he would tease me about it……!)
Lucas: (It’ll be bad if Leon finds out, so I can’t say anything to the members close by either……)
Lucas: Anyways, I can’t let anyone else find out about this…….
Conte de fées chapter 1 - 2
Lucas: Since I’ve finished reading anyways, it’s about time to head home.
*Tap tap*
Lucas: Hm? —!?
Torahiko: —-!!!
Lucas: What!? What is Torahiko doing here!
Lucas: (He’s clinging to the glass and looking here……)
Torahiko: ——!?
Lucas: Hm? What is he pointing to—it’s!
Lucas: (My goodness! He saw me with the book of fairytales! Now that it’s come to this, I have no choice but to bribe him into secrecy.)
Lucas: (For the time being I’ll signal him to come inside the cafe……)
Lucas: Co-me in-si-de!
Torahiko: !? ~~!
Lucas: Ha……. What a busy person.
Torahiko: Phew! Japan’s water tastes so good!
Torahiko: I actually just came back from overseas a little while ago!
Conte de fées chapter 1 - 3
Torahiko: I ended up clinging to the glass when I saw Lucas’ figure! Ahaha!
Lucas: I-I see……
Lucas: (Just since when did he witness me reading the book of fairytales?)
Lucas: (He’s too carefree so it’s hard to me to figure out what he’s thinking……)
Lucas: (I want to carry on trying to settle this in a gentle way to get him to keep quiet about this……)
Torahiko: Lucas? Your face is really pale. Are you feeling sick or something?
Lucas: ! No…… I was just affected by the coldness in the cafe. So, how far did you travel to this time?
Torahiko: Ahaha! I went to see the pandas of China!
Lucas: Pandas?
Torahiko: Yeah! I went to see pandas in person since I want to use it for material for the next thing I draw!
Lucas: ……But there are pandas in Japan too? You don’t need to go to another country just for that……
Torahiko: Hm? Of course, I also went to see the pandas of Japan too. I wanted to see the pandas of many countries!
Lucas: I-I see? You really are a carefree person……
Torahiko: Ahaha! Thanks for the compliment!
Lucas: (I wasn’t complimenting you……)
Lucas: Well then, show me the panda you’ll draw next time. I want to see your art.
Torahiko: Yeah! Then I’ll make the main character of my next work a panda, so look forward to it appearing in the next fairytale!
Conte de fées chapter 1 - 4
Lucas: I see. Your next work will have a panda……. It’s true that a panda hasn’t appeared up to now—
Lucas: …………
Lucas: What? Next work?
Torahiko: Haha! That book there is a fairytale that I drew you know?


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