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Conte de fées chapter 2 - 1
Lucas: You are……Tiger Kids!?
Torahiko: Yeah!
Lucas: I can’t, believe it……!?
Lucas: (The person who drew that pure and innocent heartwarming story is Torahiko? That’s just…… I can’t believe it……!)
Torahiko: Hm? Why are you looking so down?
Lucas: No, I just built up an image of the author myself and……. You didn’t do anything wrong……
Torahiko: I have no idea what you are talking about…… But keep it a secret from anyone that I draw fairytales!
Torahiko: I kept it a secret up to now, but I was so happy seeing someone I knew reading my book right in front of me that I ended up talking about it!
Lucas: I see then. I give you my thanks for talking to me about something that was meant to stay a secret……. Merci.
Torahiko: Ahaha! I was so happy that I met a fan familiar to me for the first time! It’s totally fine!
Lucas: Nevertheless, when did you start drawing fairytales? I started reading these fairytales when I was 5 or 6 years old you know?
Torahiko: Oh. I’ve been drawing pictures ever since I was young, but one day, my old man saw my drawings……
Torahiko: At that time, my old man was an editor at a publishing company, and he got all excited saying that my drawings would give others dreams or something like that.
Conte de fées chapter 2 - 2
Torahiko: He said that he would make my drawings into a book, and it was published into a fairytale after a short time.
Torahiko: From then on, it made people happy to be reading my books, so I continued drawing it in a series since then!
Torahiko: With the money earned from this book, I can go to other countries to get new material and refine my sensitivity! And it also covers my painting supplies!
Lucas: (I thought you were a free and uncontrolled person that did what he wanted, but you were doing your work properly……)
Lucas: (I completely misread you. So Torahiko is independent and a fine man……)
Torahiko: But my money is all monitored by the old lady and my sister, so it’s a pain to ask for permission for everything all the time~
Lucas: Ah. You have an interesting family……
Torahiko: Well, my family is pretty interesting! Ahaha~
Lucas: Yes, I envy having a family like that.
Torahiko You have family too, don’t you?
Lucas: I lost my mother when I was young. It became only the two of us with my father and I, but my father was busy with work
Conte de fées chapter 2 - 3
Lucas: So in the end, I was put in the care of my grandparents from my father’s side. My grandparents kindly took care of me.
Lucas: So in the end, I end up thinking of what a real family really should be……
Lucas: That’s probably why, the reason I continue reading fairytales like this where there’s a warm household, because I yearn for it.
Torahiko: Hmm. I’m a honest person, so I can’t understand what you say about the yearning you talk about.
Lucas: I would think so……
Torahiko: But—
Torahiko: But being able to feel such warm feelings from reading my fairytales, it means that Lucas is a very sensitive and kind person!
Lucas: I’m kind?
Torahiko: Yeah! At the very least, that’s what I thought you were after listening to what you said to me!
Lucas: I-I see……. It’s kind of embarrassing having that said directly to me.
Torahiko: That’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Lucas, you need to be more proud of yourself!
Lucas: ……Merci beaucoup.


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