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Conte de fées chapter 3 - 1
Torahiko: If you were raised by your grandparents, does that mean that your grandfather was the one who taught you the bass?
Lucas: No, that bass was a parting gift from my father.
Lucas: I was bitter about my father choosing work and abandoning me. But I became captivated by the bass belonging to my detestable father……
Lucas: Isn’t it ironic how I became engrossed with the bass, the only thing my father left behind?
Torahiko: ……But, because of that, you were able to meet all of us, so that’s good!
Lucas: !? Haha, it’s exactly as you say.
Torahiko: Ahaha! You finally smiled!
Torahiko: Lucas has a very sensitive heart, so that’s how you can compose such great songs!
Torahiko: That’s something I can understand since I draw art! Hey, tell me how to for reference!
Torahiko: How exactly do you compose a song?
Lucas: When I compose, I isolate myself since there’s a lot to think about.
Conte de fées chapter 3 - 2
Lucas: However, I can see phrases that I haven’t seen before dancing in the notes inside my head when I try things I haven’t experienced before.
Lucas: Especially when I’m together with the producer, I’m always struck with new phrases……
Torahiko: The notes inside your head……. I think I can understand that somehow
Torahiko: When I try to express something, I can picture many hues in my head!
Torahiko: Just like Lucas said, I can express something in my drawings that I haven’t drawn before before when I was next to the producer!
Lucas: So it’s the same for Torahiko? The producer might have an ability that influences other people.
Torahiko: Ahaha! As expected of our producer!
Torahiko: Ah!? Oh right, speaking of the producer, there was something that she asked me to do!
Lucas: The producer did?
Torahiko: Yes yes! That was close. I completely forgot……. I’m glad that I came back today!
Lucas: You……. Make sure to be more precise about these things.
Torahiko: I remembered so I’m safe! Oh yeah! Come with me Lucas!
Conte de fées chapter 3 - 3
Lucas: What? What do you mean go with you?
Torahiko: It’s about the favor that producer asked me about, it has to be tomorrow morning or else it won’t work!
Torahiko: Come on, notepad, notepad.
Torahiko: ~~Alright! I wrote down the place and time! Come to this place tomorrow morning!
Lucas: This is so sudden……. I don’t mind coming, but just what business do you have—
Torahiko: Whoa! I got so many texts from my sister! It must be about my deadline!
Torahiko: Okay then, I’m gonna go now! See you tomorrow!
Lucas: What a busy person……
Lucas: (I’ve seen Torahiko in a different light, but he’s still egocentric. Well, everyone has their strong and weak points……)
Lucas: Nevertheless, why would the producer consult Torahiko……
Lucas: (She didn’t say anything to me the times we met lately. If there was trouble, she could have consulted me……)
Lucas: Wait, what am I thinking! Anyhow, where’s the place I’m supposed to go to tomorrow?
Lucas: Hm? This place is—


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