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Conte de fées chapter 4 - 1
Torahiko: Oh! Lucas, you’re here!
Lucas: Torahiko. Why did you leave without a decent explanation yesterday?
Torahiko: Sorry. My sister was extremely mad that I didn’t meet my deadline, so I had to finish it right away as an apology……
Lucas: Good grief…. Nevertheless, does what you were asked to do have to do with the concert coming up?
Lucas: Isn’t this the concert venue for one of our concerts coming up?
Torahiko: Yeah! Exactly!
Torahiko: Actually, the producer asked me to—
Producer: Kusakabe-kun! I’m finished with the preparations…… wait, what is Lucas-kun doing here?
Lucas: So you were here too, producer. The reason I’m here is because Torahiko told me to come here.
Lucas: However, I still haven’t heard that reason as to why I’m here. What exactly did you ask Torahiko to do, producer?
Producer: Kusakabe-kun……. You invited Lucas-kun without an explanation?
Torahiko: Ahaha! I thought that I could make something amazing if I was with Lucas!
Producer: Good grief……. The truth is, I asked Torahiko-kun to be in charge of the panel drawing that will be on the billboard at the concert venue.
Conte de fées chapter 4 - 2
Lucas: A drawing?
Producer: That’s right. The president told me ‘A dynamic drawing with impact is worthy of this venue~’ very suddenly……
Producer: There wasn’t much time left until the concert, and there was no time to find an artist to draw it so suddenly, so I asked Torahiko-kun.
Torahiko: That’s the reason!
Producer: Ah! I’m sorry! I need to hurry to my next job……. Well then, Kusakabe-kun, I leave the rest to you!
Producer: And don’t cause Lucas-kun any trouble!
Torahiko: Well then, it’s time for art! I’ll draw the right side, so I’ll leave the left side to Lucas!
Lucas: Wait a second! I don’t normally draw art you know!?
Lucas: Isn’t it normal to say these things beforehand? Suddenly being asked to draw, don’t ask an amateur for the impossible!
Torahiko: Really? If it’s Lucas, I think you can draw?
Lucas: Wha, on what assumption!?
Torahiko: Like I said yesterday, I felt your high levels of sensitivity!
Conte de fées chapter 4 - 3
Torahiko: Lucas. Do you make things by hand yourself? Other than composing.
Lucas: !?
Torahiko: Oh! Bullseye? Tell me what you make!
Lucas: B-Be quiet!
Torahiko: Eh. I told you my secret about drawing fairytales, so Lucas can tell me what you make too right?
Torahiko: Isn’t it unfair that you’re the only one that knows a secret?
Lucas: Ugh……! You need to keep it a secret from the others……
Torahiko: Roger that!
Lucas: ……I collect bottle caps.
Torahiko: Bottle caps? Like the caps on plastic bottles?
Lucas: Not that type. The metal type……
Lucas: ……I put the bottle caps I gathered under UV resin and then make my own designs on them……
Lucas: When I’m stuck trying to compose or out of ideas, I try making something different since it rouses my inspiration
Conte de fées chapter 4 - 4
Torahiko: Oh! So I was right!
Lucas: I-It’s just for my own self-satisfaction! I was just making something that appealed to my own sense of aesthetics!
Torahiko: It’s not anything to be embarrassed about. It’s fine, completely fine! I’ll keep it a secret.
Lucas: O-Of course! ……Good grief, I never thought I would be talking about this with you.
Lucas: Nevertheless, Torahiko, just exactly how did you know that I made things by hand?
Torahiko: It was just my intuition?
Lucas: Huh?
Torahiko: It was also because I could feel the aura of an artist from you! Like people say, birds of a feather flock together!
Lucas: The aura of an artist…… Haha! Do you have any idea of how ridiculous you sound?
Lucas: Hahaha! You really are an absurd person!
Torahiko: Ahaha! I’ll take that as a compliment! Well then, let’s start drawing right away!
Torahiko: Somehow, I’m really excited right now!
Lucas: Hmph. Since I’ve come this far, I’ll help you. But if I draw poorly, I won’t accept any complaints you know?
Torahiko: There’s nothing to worry about! Now then, let’s enjoy our fun time as an artist!


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