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Conte de fées chapter 5 - 1
Leon: Wow! There are a lot of people in the audience!
Rabi: Leon, the audience will see you if you keep peeking!
Leon: Okay! But I get the feeling that the audience is staring too fixedly at the stage……
Noah: Yes. That has to be because they are surprised after looking at the panel drawing decorating the stage.
Li Chaoyang: I was very surprised the first time I saw it as well……
Rabi: That’s probably drawn by Torahiko right? It’s amazing as usual.
Leon: Oh, so that’s why! That certainly is amazing~. You think so too, right Lucas?
Lucas: !? Y-Yeah…… That’s right.
Lucas: (It seems like they don’t know that I also drew it. Looks like my bribe for Torahiko and the producer worked……)
Leon: Lucas…… Why have you been so fidgety since earlier?
Lucas: Don’t say it in such a weird manner! ……It’s right before our performance so I can’t calm down.
Leon: Ohh. That’s rare for the usual cool Lucas!
Lucas: Shut up! I have days like this sometimes.
Conte de fées chapter 5 - 2
Rabi: The two of you, don’t fight before our performance okay?
Kashiwagi Ren: Excuse me. It’s almost time for the performance, so I was asked to tell you that it’s time to gather.
Noah: Yes, it’s almost time. Thank you for the message. Everyone, let’s go.
Lucas: So Ren’s our back dancer today. Please take care of us.
Kashiwagi Ren: !?
Kashiwagi Ren: ……Today’s Lucas is different than usual, his atmosphere is more gentle……
Kashiwagi Ren Did something good happen to him?
Lucas: (What is this refreshing feeling……)
Lucas: (Is it because I spoke about reading fairytales and my bottle cap hobby that I kept secret up to now?)
Lucas: (A feeling of freedom……. No, it can’t be just that……)
Lucas: (Together with the feeling of freedom, a new phrase comes to mind…… So I have opened up to new possibilities once again.)
Conte de fées chapter 5 - 3
Lucas: (I feel like I can do many more things now!)
Noah: (Oh? How rare…… Lucas came to the front. Since it’s so rare, let’s leave him be for a while……)
Torahiko: Ahaha! I’m envious of how freely Lucas is playing!
Lucas: (What! Before I noticed I came up too close to the front! Noah is… It looks like he’s matching what I’m doing.)
Lucas: (Chaoyang and Rabi are worried about me……)
Lucas: (But for me to come out front……. Hmph, let’s just call this as the outcome of Torahiko’s influence.)
Leon: Oh! What’s this, Lucas! You’re in a really good mood today!
Leon: I won’t lose to you! And show more of that smile to the audience!
Leon: The fans will definitely be overjoyed! Okay then, I’m going to the front too! Here I come!
Lucas: (Leon and Torahiko are both carefree people……. Those two do have similar things in common….. Heh.)
Lucas: Flashy people might not be too bad contrary to my expectations……


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