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Coordinate Contest 1 (1)
Kokoro: Look, look! This dress is so cute! Ah, and there’s a little bat brooch, too!
Kokoro: I see things that I want to try on everywhere I look! It’s so hard to choose when there’s nothing but clothes around. Hey, don’t you think so, too?
Producer: Yeah, you’re right.
Producer: (Hanabusa-san’s just as raring to go as he was when we started. He sure is peppy…)
Coordinate Contest 1 (2)
Kokoro: Heyyy now, Producer? You look like you’re all tired out again! Why are you making a face a like that even though you’re here with Kokoro?
Kokoro: You were the one who said we should go look for an outfit for Halloween, weren’t you?
Producer: I was looking forward to this, too, but once I start thinking about which outfit would best suit you, Hanabusa-san, it tires me out pretty easily.
Kokoro: Is that just a roundabout way of saying you’re sleepy?
Producer: I would like to rest for just a bit…
Kokoro: No way! It’d be a shame to just sit around after we were finally able to go shopping together, wouldn’t it?
Producer: That’s what I thought you’d say…
Coordinate Contest 1 (3)
Kokoro: …I mean, I was really looking forward to this.
Producer: Eh?
Kokoro: Since we haven’t gone out together recently, what with you always being busy with work, I’ve been really looking forward to this, too!
Kokoro: And now, even though you’re here with cute little Kokoro-chan, you’re all tired out…!
Producer: (Ahh… What should I do!? I think I might have made him sad!)
Producer: No, that’s not it, Hanabusa-san. I just–
Kokoro: —Well, if it’s come to this, then it’s game on, [Name]!
Producer: Eh… G-Game on?
Coordinate Contest 1 (4)
Kokoro: It’s a battle to see who can coordinate an outfit that makes Kokoro look cuter than the others!
Kokoro: So get together some clothes that would look good on me, and we’ll meet back here in one hour, okay?
Producer: Hold on, Hanabusa-san! Wait up, what is this about all of a sudd–
Coordinate Contest 1 (5)
Kokoro: Kokoro’s definitely, deeefinitely not going to lose. Prepare yourself for defeat, Producer!
Producer: He’s gone…
Producer: (But… A coordination battle, huh…?)
Producer: (If that’s the kind of game we’re talking about, then there’s no way I can let myself lose!)
Producer: (After all, the only person who knows the idol Kokoro Hanabusa’s charms better than the person himself… is me!)
Producer: (In any case, one hour, huh…? I wonder if that’ll be enough time…)


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