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Coordinate Contest 2 (1)
Kokoro: You’re so late, Producer! And just how long were you intending to make Kokoro wait?
Producer: Late? I’d say I’m more or less right on time… Did you find something good to wear?
Coordinate Contest 2 (2)
Kokoro: But of course!
Producer: Then how about you take me there right now? I’d like to see it somewhere where you can try it on.
Kokoro: There’s no point in skirting around it, so I’ve already bought it and brought it back with me!
Producer: Eh…? You already bought it?
Kokoro: Well, no matter how where I looked, this outfit was definitely the cutest of them all. So I snatched it up before somebody else could buy it.
Producer: And I was so confident in the one I picked out, too…!
Kokoro: Oh, come on, just look at it! I’m sure you’ll definitely like it, too.
Producer: Wah, what a pretty color…
Coordinate Contest 2 (3)
Kokoro: The outfit Kokoro picked is so cute, isn’t it~? Doesn’t it make you excited?
Producer: This is definitely the perfect dress for you to use as your Halloween costume, Hanabusa-san.
Kokoro: Black lace on a wine red is sure sexy, isn’t it? I’ll add some accessories to it after this to make it feel even more like Halloween.
Kokoro: See, it wasn’t a mistake to let me pick it out, was it?
Producer: Yes, I’ve been defeated… Well, that’s what I’d like to say, but…
Coordinate Contest 2 (4)
Kokoro: What’s this, you want to act like a sore loser?
Producer: Well, the outfit isn’t finished yet, is it? What kind of costume were you trying to go for?
Kokoro: I’d thought that I’d be a witch, but… I just couldn’t seem to find the cute-looking witch hat I had in mind.
Producer: There’s something that would suit you better than a witch, Hanabusa-san!
Kokoro: Something better than a witch?
Producer: There must be a shop somewhere over there that has accessories to add to your costume. And after that…
Kokoro: Hold on, what on earth are you mumbling about?
Producer: It’s fine. Just trust me! I’m going to put something together that’ll make the most of both your costume and your own looks!
Producer: Because it’s my job to make you a million times cuter than you already are!
Coordinate Contest 2 (5)
Kokoro: …My, what’s this? That was pretty cool, even coming from you, Producer.
Producer: Eh, I’m sorry. Did you say something just now?
Kokoro: N-No, it’s nothing much! Anyway, just take me where we’re gonna go, okay!?
Producer: Okay! It’s right this way!


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