Coordinate Contest 3 (1)
Kokoro: Phew–… Now that rehearsal’s over, all that’s left is to wait for the show to start.
Producer: Are you nervous?
Kokoro: As if! Though I think I might relate to what the MC’s worried about. He was wondering how we could go about this in a way that would be sure to make everyone happy.
Producer: …It’s quite the rare occurrence for you to be saying things like that, Hanabusa-san.
Kokoro: Kokoro worries about things like that, too! Gosh, how rude you are.
Producer: Ahaha, I’m sorry. Anyway, what are you so worried about? If you’d like, you could share your troubles with me.
Coordinate Contest 3 (2)
Kokoro: It’s about playing a trick on everybody. I have to be a very special kind of Kokoro today, and I wonder how exactly I should present myself.
Producer: A special version of yourself, eh…? Then how about this?
Producer: You know, I think that demons can be seen as both masculine and feminine, which means they’re androgynous.
Kokoro: Androgynous…
Producer: So, although you’re still as cute as you always are today, you could try taking an approach where you use the masculine charms that you’ve got, too…
Coordinate Contest 3 (3)
Kokoro: …So you’re telling me to act more like a dude? [1]
Producer: !
Producer: (His voice is completely different from how it usually is.)
Kokoro: Would it really be okay for me to present myself as guy in front of other girls?
Producer: Well… I don’t really…
Kokoro: …But I haven’t even shown you the real me yet, [Name]. I don’t want to let any other girls see me like that.
Producer: Ha-Hanabusa-san…
Producer: (What should I do…? His voice got so deep all of a sudden… And why am I so nervous?)
Kokoro: .....
Kokoro: As iffff~! Did I get your heart pounding?
Producer: O-Of course not, that’s just ridiculous…!
Coordinate Contest 3 (4)
Kokoro: So you got all nervous even though I’m a crossdresser? Gosh, what am I gonna do with you…
Producer: Well, I mean, I’d never heard that voice of yours before, so…
Kokoro: Fufu, if you say something that cute, then…
Coordinate Contest 3 (5)
Kokoro: I might just… get serious and come after you…? Kiiidding~! That was just some off-the-set acting. Teehee!
Producer: ~~!
Kokoro: My, my, my~… Silly Producer, your face is all red. What’s wrong?
Producer: You just shocked me, saying something like that all of a sudden…
Kokoro: But it definitely made your heart skip a beat, didn’t it? Yawn… Using that voice feels so weird to me that I got all hungry.
Kokoro: So maybe… If you don’t feel like me teasing you anymore, then you could go buy me some melonpan?
Producer: …If that’s what you want, then I already bought some to bring with me.
Coordinate Contest 3 (6)
Kokoro: Just what I’d expect from Kokoro’s producer! Kokoro loves that part of you soooo much ♪



  1. The bolded lines are Kokoro changing to a masculine speech pattern and using ‘’ore’’

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