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Staff: Aah, please leave this equipment alone. I want you to transport that one.
Staff: Yes!
Creation 01 1 (1)
Seiya: ...
Producer: Ah, it's Seiya-kun... What's wrong? Didn't everyone else already go back to the waiting room?
Creation 01 1 (2)
Seiya: Producer... A little while ago this audience was filled with people who cheered for us.
Seiya: ... If you're having fun, time really flies by.
Producer: ... Yes, that's right. I had a good time too. How was it, Seiya-kun? Standing on a big stage.
Seiya: Aah, that was the best. I felt a sense of unity with the fans. Overall, it was amazing!
Seiya: I want to go on and on... that's what I thought. When we seperated with the fans at the end, I felt a little lonely. Hehe...
Producer: I'm glad you were able to enjoy it from the bottom of your heart.
Creation 01 1 (3)
Kanata: We feel the same as Seiya. That's why we kept coming back to this stage.
Producer: Eh? Ah, Kanata-kun. And Akira-kun too...
Akira: I understand the feeling that you want to be on the stage, but you need to drink some more water, Seiya. Otherwise you will get dehydrated, you know? Here.
Seiya: Yeah, sorry. Thanks, Akira.
Producer: You three really get along well.
Kanata: Of course. At first I was a little scared of Akira-kun, but now he is someone I can rely on. Of course, the same goes for Seiya.
Akira: That's right... If we want to make our fans happy, then first of all we have to make ourselves happy.
Akira: Seiya told me this some time ago. For our fans' sake, this is the best we can do.
Kanata: Producer-san, what do you think about it?
Producer: Let's see... That everyone can enjoy themselves by getting along together... I guess?
Creation 01 1 (4)
Seiya: We believe the same! I expected as much from you, Producer!
Seiya: If we wouldn't get along well, our teamwork wouldn't function, right? If that's the case, our singing and dancing would be ruined.
Seiya: Besides, we work together as companions. The most important thing is trust, right? That's what you call "true friends"!
Kanata: I think so too. I love these two very much, that's why I want to climb even higher with them.
Akira: The same goes for me... I'm grateful for everything to those two.
Seiya: Hehe, me too!
Creation 01 1 (5)
Kanata: Everyone feels the same! Ehehe~♪
Akira: Fufu.
Producer: (Everyone started laughing spontaneously, I wonder if that's the link that ties the group together. This is the biggest strength of these children.)
Producer: (Everyone's bonds deepened withing the past year, and it will be an important part from now on.)
Producer: (Me as the producer, and the fans, want to continue supporting these children.)

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