Creation 01 2 (1)
Seiya: Ah, that's right!! I almost forgot, Producer!
Producer: Eh? What is it?
Seiya: If we go back to the waiting room, then we have to change out of this costume. I wanted to show it to you properly one last time.
Producer: Eh? Show it to me properly? But I'm looking at it right now...
Creation 01 2 (2)
Seiya: That's wrong! I don't mean it like this...!
Akira: ... You have to read Seiya's thoughts.
Kanata: Yes, I got it already~♪ You too, Akira-kun?
Akira: Of course, I believe so.
Seiya: During the performance you have been very busy far away from the stage and didn't see us, right, Producer?
Producer: But the stage monitor--
Seiya: "showed a video", is what you want to say, but I won't accept this.
Producer: Uh...
Kanata: It's like he said, Producer-san. Ahaha.
Akira: We want you, as the most important person to F∞F and as our fan from the beginning, listen to us from up close.
Kanata: Yes! Because of that, please listen, Producer-san! Seiya, let's go!
Creation 01 2 (3)
Seiya: Yeah! 1, 2...
Creation 01 2 (4)
F∞F: No Matter how dark,

No Matter how cold

F∞F: We want to become the courage that shines through your night sky
Producer: Everyone...
Creation 01 2 (5)
Seiya: You can wash away the pain with your tears

You can entrust your happiness to the song

Creation 01 2 (6)
Kanata: Show me, the heartbeat inside you

We will forever be by your side

Producer: (They have no microphones, not even music... but, this force is amazing... I'm getting absorbed in this sensation.)
Creation 01 2 (7)
Akira: Being able to trust someone is called strength

Ring it with your hand, the bell of the start

Akira: Producer, come here too!
Producer: Eh, wah!
Seiya: Let's sing together!
Kanata: Next, let's jump together!
Seiya grabbed my hand and I got dragged into forming a circle with everyone, slowly I started to get hooked and began to sing with them--
I noticed the staff who were cleaning up around us stopped in their tracks and surrounded us, clapping their hands.
Creation 01 2 (8)
All four: We won't let you rest, we are I★CHU~♪
*clap clap clap*
Creation 01 2 (9)
Seiya: Haha, thank you!
Producer: Hah, hah... amazing. Not only did we sing a cappella, it's been a long time since I sang seriously like this...
Producer: Singing like this is amazing... fufu!
Kanata: That's how it was taught to us by you, Producer-san.
Akira: That's why we're here right now.
Seiya: Producer... We are really grateful to you for leading us to the highest stage!
Seiya: This song is dedicated to everyone who has supported our Lives!

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