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Creation 01 3 (1)
Seiya: ... Are you alright? Producer, are you feeling dizzy?
Producer: I'm, I'm alright...
Akira: That doesn't sound very convincing, does it...? Should I carry you?
Producer: D, don't be concerned... The after party was really fun... I just got carried away a bit... fufu.
Kanata: You've been busy since this morning and now everything ended, you're tired because you've been relieved now...
Creation 01 3 (2)
F∞F: ...
Producer: ... Ah, uhm? Where... the park?
Creation 01 3 (3)
Kanata: A little break before we go home, Producer-san. We stay nearby, so don't worry about it.
Seiya: I'll buy something to drink too.
Kanata: Ah, then I'll go too. Akira-kun, we entrust Producer-san to you, okay?
Akira: Yeah, I understand. I'll do as you two wish.
Producer: ... Sorry about that. Everyone else is tired too... It's already late, we should go home...
Creation 01 3 (4)
Akira: Don't worry about it. The Live was a huge success and that's because of your help. Thank you for that.
Producer: But I didn't do anything...
Akira: The results came because of you... Hey, Producer. After you rest a little, we'll see you home properly.
Creation 01 3 (5)
Akira: And then you'll rest properly for today. Having such a worn-out face everyday isn't charming, after all I prefer your smiling face.
Producer: Akira-kun... thank you.
Kanata: Akira-kuuun! The vending machine seems to be quite far away from here, you know? Seiya said we should split up so it'll be faster.
Creation 01 3 (6)
Akira: So you came back... It's fine, I'll go searching for one in the opposite direction. I'm leaving the Producer to you.
Kanata: Yes, I understand. Thank you, Akira-kun.
Creation 01 3 (7)
Kanata: ... What did you and Akira-kun talk about?
Producer: No, it's nothing special. We just talked about some happy things.
Kanata: I see, then it's my turn. Producer-san, once again, I'll thank you for always watching over us.
Producer: I'm the one who should say it, I too thank you for always watching over me.
Producer: Fufu, I never thought that the cute child actor I watched on TV would become my student.
Kanata: Geez...
Producer: ? What's wrong?
Kanata: Producer-san. Compared to Akira-kun and Seiya I obviously look cute.
Creation 01 3 (8)
Kanata: And this is fine now. But I'm a man too. Someday... I'll definitely surprise you.
Producer: ... Kanata-kun...?
Kanata: That's why you have to keep an eye on me. Ehehe, that's a promise?
Kanata: Ah, it's Seiya. Heeey!!
Creation 01 3 (9)
Seiya: There was a vending machine just a little further ahead. Here, something to drink... wait, where's Akira?
Kanata: He went to look for a vending machine over there. Ah, he's coming back! I'll call him over here.
Seiya: Yeah, count on me. ...... Hey, Producer.
Producer: Hyah!? It's cold...! Hey, don't suddenly shove the can into my face.
Creation 01 3 (10)
Seiya: Hahahaha! ... Producer, thank you for everything. You really deserve a a lot of gratitude.
Seiya: I couldn't even imagine everything without you. I could rely on you and trust you.
Seiya: Akira, and Kanata too... I'm sure they feel the same. ... Hey, Akira! Kanata!
Akira: Fufu, of course. That's why it's fine if you rely on us once in a while too, right?
Kanata: That's right. If you're tired it's fine if you say "I'm soooo tired!", you know?
Producer: Everyone... I truly thank you! Today has been really fun.
Producer: Everyone standing on the stage, sparkling so brightly... I was deeply moved by it. I'm really happy to be your producer.
Creation 01 3 (11)
Seiya: Hehe! I feel the same! We are really happy that you are our producer!
Seiya: As long as there are people that listen to us, as long as there are emotions we want to convey, we will always continue to sing in the future too.
Seiya: That's why... we look foward to working together with you! Producer!

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