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Creation 05 3 (1)
Satsuki: Thank you for today, everyone! This was the highest excitement, it was super fun!
Mutsuki: The next song will be the last, but before that me and Satsuki have news for you.
Satsuki: Ah, even if you say news, it's not really an annoucment, you know? It's more like swearing an oath, isn't it?
*mutter mutter*
Creation 05 3 (2)
Satsuki: Geez! Why did everyone start to get worried? This is not something to worry about! Well then, Mutsuki, please say your oath. ♪
Mutsuki: Uhm... so far the two of us have always announced ourselves as one person. From that, we'll withdraw.
Satsuki: Withdrawing, you say... We don't want to do just that, it's what we want to become.
Mutsuki: Of course we're very happy that you say you like us as twins, however-
Satsuki: We've decided to work hard to make you say things like "I like Satsuki here" and "I like Mutsuki over there".
Mutsuki: As much charm as we have as twins, we plan to show everyone our charm as individuals.
Satsuki: We'll show you an image even we don't know yet, so that you'll come to love us more and more!
Mutsuki: Because we are starts that still can increase their glow. Everyone, please lend us your strength!
Satsuki: Well then, it's time for the last song, everyone please sing with us! It's a new song, but you'll love it!
Creation 05 3 (3)
Satsuki & Mutsuki: "We are I★Chu!"
Producer: That surprised me...
Producer: (I never expected that these two would propose this...)
Producer: (No matter how often I tried to persuade them before, they would always insist on being together... They've grown.
Satsuki & Mutsuki: Producer!!!
Producer: Uwaah!?
Producer: Ow, ow, ow... geez! Suddenly jumping at me from behind when you come in is dangerous--
Creation 05 3 (4)
Satsuki & Mutsuki: The prank was a big success!!
Producer:  ! What, is this...!
Satsuki: Wait, why are you crying!
Mutsuki: Did you get hurt somewhere...?
Producer: That's not it. I didn't get hurt or something... Well, it's because of what you said.
Producer: You were able to say something like this before I knew it, I thought you grew up.
Producer: Although pulling the usual childish pranks hasn't changed...
Producer: Am I happy or sad... I don't know if I should be relieved or not. That's why I started crying.
Mutsuki: We won't change so simply like that.
Satsuki: But we were able to get the resolution to change because of you.
Satsuki: I will still pull pranks like that from now on, but we want to become idols you can become proud to love of.
Mutsuki: Right, that's what we decided.
Creation 05 3 (5)
Satsuki: That's why it's alright to cry, but please support us strongly!
Creation 05 3 (6)
Mutsuki: Promise us.
Producer: ... Yes!

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