Creation 06 1 (1)
Futami: Oh my-? If that one frowning with the scaaary face over there isn't Issei Todoroki-senpai.
Futami: Hm... He's obviously in a bad mood, but has there anything happened today that has Issei's mood spoiled...?
Futami: "If we don't solve this quickly I feel like it'll become bothersome!" or something like that is what I'd hear from Takamichi.
Creation 06 1 (2)
Takamichi: I want to be the courage that shines through your night sky~♪[1]
Futami: Found Takamichi!
Creation 06 1 (3)
Takamichi: Woah!? What are you doing, Futami! Don't jump at me when I'm playing the piano!
Futami: Ahaha, surprised?
Takamichi: If there is a guy who isn't surprised by something like this, I want to meet him.
Futami: Well, well, I would also be surprised if there was someone who wouldn't get surprised when I planned to surprise them.
Takamichi: ... Why are you here?
Futami: Why? Of course I came to meet you, Takamichi. There is something I need to tell you right now.
Takamichi: ... So it's a serious discussion.
Futami: Yes, dead-serious. Actually...
Takamichi: Yes...
Futami: Issei's mood is staggeringly bad.
Takamichi: ... Huh?
Futami: "What would Takamichi think is the best thing to do?" I thought, something funny to lift Issei's mood.
Takamichi: What! I don't care about Issei's bad mood!
Creation 06 1 (4)
Futami: Eeh!? That's a very serious problem, isn't it!!
Takamichi: So what! It almost disgusts me when that guy is all smiling in a good mood.
Futami: Him smiling in a good mood... Pfft! That is certainly somewhat funny!
Takamichi: No, it is not funny.
Futami: Why? Isn't it very funny?
Takamichi: ... Absolutely never mention that in front of Issei.
Futami:  ? Yes, got it.
Takamichi: So what about it? Issei's bad mood, I mean. Anyway, even so don't jump to wrong conclusions.
Futami: Uh, after all he made an insanely scary face, you know?
Takamichi: When that guy is thinking deeply about something, he makes a very scary face, doesn't he. Maybe it's that.
Futami: Thinking deeply...? Has there something happened that he needs to think about?
Takamichi: ... You think I have to think about that any longer?
Futami: Wow, harsh. ☆
Creation 06 1 (5)
Issei: I agree with that.
Futami: Eek!
Takamichi: (I see... This is the face he was talking about earlier... That Futami is dead.)
Futami: He, hey, why are you so angry, Issei? Stop pinning my arms behind my back, it hurts!
Issei: Huuh? You made me angry because you said things like that, you know?
Futami: I, I never said something that would make you angry!
Takamichi: Well, you totally did.
Futami: No, I didn't! There is no way I did! I ne~~ver said that Issei's sweet smile is funny!
Takamichi: Ah, there! I told you you said it!
  1. Part of the lyrics of We Are I☆Chu.

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