Creation 06 2 (1)
Issei: Hm? What is funny??
Futami: Wow~! That's a nice smile, Issei-sama! So quit being angry! At least get properly mad if you're being angry!
Takamichi: "His idol smile is scary", do you mean it like that?
Issei: Haah?
Futami: Gyaaa--! I give up, I give up! It hurts! The things in my stomach will come out! The apple pie I ate this afternoon will come out!
Takamichi: Stop, that's filthy!
Futami: Hey! Why do you only get mad at me, Issei! After all Takamichi said you're disgusting and yet!
Takamichi: Futami, you idiot! Don't say unnecessary things!!
Issei: Hoo~h? Disgusting, huh?
Takamichi: That-that's wrong, Issei! Don't lump me together with Futami!
Futami: How can you be so cruel! We're sitting in the same boat!! Isn't that right!?
Takamichi: Shut up, annoying idiot Futami! Don't drag me into this!!
Creation 06 2 (2)
Futami & Takamichi: We're sorry for saying various things about you when you weren't here, Issei.
Issei: ......
Futami: ... Are you still angry?
Takamichi: ... It was wrong of us, so please forgive us.
Issei: ... Well, it's fine if you understand. You don't really have to worry about it.
Creation 06 2 (3)
Futami: You got really mad for something we don't have to worry about...!
Issei: I'll talk about work now instead of something like this.
Futami: Work?
Takamichi: Aah, about the new song, right?
Issei: You get it, don't you?
Futami: Ah, about the score of "We are I★Chu!" we sang with all the other I-Chu recently, right?
Takamichi & Issei: ......
Futami: Eeh, what's with that reaction, at least say something.
Issei: ... Sigh, did you forget what [Name] said to us recently?
Futami: Recently??
Creation 06 2 (4)
Takamichi: It's impossible to expect that from him, Issei. At that time that guy was doing nothing but sleeping so he doesn't remember it.
Issei: Geez, I have no other choice...
Futami: "It's alright because Issei and Takamichi will remember the important stuff~", that's what I thought.
Issei: ... In the next Live, it was decided that we're performing a new Lancelot version of that song.
Takamichi: The arrangement will be completely different from the time we sang it with the other I-Chu.
Futami: Aah, it's like that! So you thought about what kind of approach to take with the song and that's why your expression got so bad.
Futami: And because you played it on the piano you didn't notice me coming in.
Takamichi: ... That's a very good guess, Futami.
Issei: We'll try out different things. Amongst them we're looking for the most us-like, the most fascinating song.
Takamichi: I'll also think about that.
Futami: I... I'll think about it while singing! I really like this song~
Creation 06 2 (5)
Issei: Let's show them a song that only we can sing.
Takamichi & Futami: Yes!

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