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Creation 06 3 (1)
Issei: Amazing, huh. So many people are here to watch our Live.
Futami: It's fully packed until the back. Hey, people at the back! Are you having fun?
Takamichi: Thank you for your support so that we can stand on such a huge stage.
Futami: We've been doing a lot of work recently.
Issei: Aah... Speaking of which, guiding through an art exhibition, what kind of job was that.
Takamichi: It was such a job. I purchased one of the pieces on display there.
Futami: Ooh, as expected of the young master...! That reminds me, was there a picture you liked too, Issei?
Issei: Yeah... a picture of a setting sun. Do you guys still remember what I said back then?
Issei: I'll declare that we'll continue to shine in a red that attracts anyone more than before.
Takamichi: We did an autograph session too.
Futami: I thought about a new signature! Because you two said my signature was ordinary.
Creation 06 3 (2)
Issei: But I think your current signature is received well?
Futami: Yes, I got told it resembles me.
Issei: And then you guys went to a musical.
Futami: Pirates! Well, that one was funny, right, Takamichi?
Takamichi: Yeah, I'd like to do it again if we get the opportunity.
Futami: But I thought "why does Takamichi get that role and not Issei".
Takamichi: ... Huh?
Futami: After all, being the captain of a ship does absolutely suit Issei, doesn't it? I mean, Issei does have that kind of image, right?
Issei: Haha! Perhaps if they have another showing, they will replace Takamichi with me?
Takamichi: Stop talking about this! If this actually happens, it's not funny!
Issei: I'm joking. You were good, you know? As the ship's captain. Hey?
Futami: So, only with the support of everyone our activities are reaching these extends. We're really thankful for that.
Takamichi: Because we're putting our feelings into this song, we want you to listen to it carefully.
Issei: Today is the first time we're singing this song. It will engross you more than ever before. "We are I★Chu!"
Producer: It was a good Live...
Producer: (I wanted to ask everyone who listened to the MC why they started crying...)
Producer: (Up until now, various things have happened. Sometimes I was surprised that I surpassed them all together with them...)
Producer: Takamichi-kun singing and playing the piano, Issei-kun singing a love song in front of me, seeing that Futami-kun working hard.
Creation 06 3 (3)
Futami: Eeh, why is my choice of action not something to smile at?
Producer: Eeh??
Takamichi: Well, if it's about you, that is astonishing after all.
Issei: Oi, Takamichi, you sang while playing the piano? Did you make him sing?
Takamichi: What-, what about Issei singing a love song in front of you, tell me about that!
Futami: I don't really get it, but you two are cruel! After all I want a sweet episode like that too!!
Producer: Why-, why are you three here...!
Issei: Why? Because you disappeared as you pleased, you know.
Takamichi: We can not end today without saying anything to the person we want to thank the most.
Producer: Thank...?
Creation 06 3 (4)
Issei: To you, who continues to shine through our night sky, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Creation 06 3 (5)
Futami: Because of you, I have the courage to take one step forward.
Creation 06 3 (6)
Takamichi: Let's go to the ends of the earth together with us. I want to show you even more of the world you want to see.
Producer: Everyone...!
Producer: Yes! From now on let me watch your brightness even closer!

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