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Creation 07 1 (1)
Leon: Hey, hey, about the interlude section. There is something I want to do~
Rabi: Something you want to do?
Leon: Nishishi, what do you think~?
Lucas: Don't make a big deal out of it, just hurry up and tell us.
Creation 07 1 (2)
Noah: That's right, Leon. Just what do you want to do?
Leon: Guh... Isn't it fine to wait a little for the answer... Hey, Chaoyang.
Chaoyang: I also want to know about the thing you want to do quickly, Leon.
Leon: ... Fufufu, if you say it like that then I have no choice. Don't get too surprised, okay?
Leon: Listen! During the interlude section we're doing member introductions while having solo parts! It'd be cool!
Creation 07 1 (3)
Noah & Chaoyang & Rabi & Lucas: ......
Leon: ... Oh? No reaction? But I thought it was a really good idea.
Noah: Member introductions... We never included something like that in the middle of a song.
Rabi: We should be able to include the respective solo parts as a highlight of the song.
Lucas: ... Not bad. If that's the case, the order of the solos is--
Chaoyang: Eh, starting with me!? Four bars too... I'm, I'm getting nervous...
Rabi: It's fine, if it's you, it'll be a strong phrase, Chaoyang.
Creation 07 1 (4)
Chaoyang: Rabi-san...! Yes, I, I'll do my best...!
Leon: "Fufun, that's a nice response...!" Is what I'd say if you wouldn't progress the discussion while ignoring me~!
Noah: But what are we going to do about my solo?
Lucas: With the course of the solos, we'll put a vocal solo as the bridge, alright?
Leon: Are you listening to me?? Hey!
Producer: I'm coming in. It looks like you're having fun.
Creation 07 1 (5)
Leon: Ah, Producer! You showed up at the right time...! Please listen, everyone is being mean to me!
Producer: Yes, yes, what's wrong?
Noah: Producer, let's look at the practise rather than Leon's whining, okay? There is something I want to discuss with you.
Producer: Discuss? ... Before that, I have one thing to say.
Rabi:  ? What's the matter?
Producer: At the time of your "We are I★Chu!" performance... Why don't you put your instruments aside for a while?
Lucas: Putting our instruments... aside...?
Producer: I don't mean for the whole song. Uhm... For example only during one part or something... But I haven't told you the full story yet.
Producer: ... There are comments of wanting to see I♥B dance for a long time now.
Producer: I think if you do it, you should do it now. You receive the same dance lessons as the others of the 3rd generation...
Producer: What do you think?
Creation 07 1 (6)
Noah: ...
Leon: ...
Chaoyang: ...
Rabi: ...
Lucas: ...
Producer: ... So you disagree after all?
Rabi: ... Producer, could you wait a little until we give you an answer?
Producer: Uhm, you know, I'm not saying to do the impossible? I understand that you're here because you want to be a band.
Producer: But, since I'm a producer... I have to grant the wishes of the fans too, I think...
Rabi: Even so, we want to discuss it only amongst us. ... Please give us time.
Producer: ......... Yes. It's a sudden request after all. Think it over carefully.

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