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Creation 07 2 (1)
Lucas: What do you mean, Rabi.
Rabi: What I mean?
Lucas: There is no need to discuss anything, right? ... We came to Japan as a band.
Lucas: At least I don't plan to go on stage without holding my instrument.
Rabi: ... Yes.
Chaoyang: Me, me too... Going on the stage without an instrument is...
Chaoyang: Moreover, singing while dancing, it's making me nervous. It's absolutely impossible... !
Rabi: ... Yes.
Leon: Hmm... But I'm pretty good at dancing, I guess. Somehow I think I want to try out new things.
Leon: What kind of dance we could do to the arrangement sounds super interesting to me!
Rabi: ... Yes. ... Noah, what do you think?
Creation 07 2 (2)
Noah: --One who is afraid of change can not evolve.
Noah: Those are the words of my grandfather that I respect a lot.
Noah: If this is what the voices of the fans want, we must answer them, don't you think?
Noah: Because in this country we decided to aim to become "idols". Isn't that right?
Lucas: ... Tch.
Chaoyang: ... Rabi-san, what do you think about that?
Rabi: ... I... certainly can not imagine getting seperated from the drums and dancing on the stage.
Creation 07 2 (3)
Chaoyang: Then, Rabi-san too--
Rabi: But I really sympathize with what Noah said about one who fears change can not evolve.
Rabi: ... So that we can advance forward, it's something we have to do now, I think. --Besides
Rabi: Above all, it is a proposal from our Producer, who always wants the best for us, right? ... And I want to meet those expectations.
Rabi: We came to Japan as a band, but I want to show our new selves to the person who raised us as I-Chu so far.
Leon: Well done, Rabi! You said something really cool.
Leon: Well, I didn't plan to refuse Producer's request from the very beginning.
Noah: Yeah, if we do it, let's show our coolest form.
Creation 07 2 (4)
Chaoyang: ... If Rabi-san says it like this, I, I'll try my best at dancing.
Lucas: ...
Leon: And? What do you think, Lucas.
Lucas: ... Sigh, refusing after that speech would be uncool, wouldn't it.
Leon: Ahaha! But you shouldn't worry about being uncool, Lucas.
Lucas: ... As an "I-Chu" I need worry about it.
Creation 07 2 (5)
Noah: Fufu, exactly, Lucas.
Noah: So our answer is settled.
Rabi: Yes. Even though we're unexperienced, but for the sake of the Producer and for the sake of all of our fans, we'll do our very best!
Everyone: Yeah!

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