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Creation 07 3 (1)
Noah: It's finally the day of the performance.
Leon: The beautiful dance we practised hard until today, I hope everyone is happy with it!
Creation 07 3 (2)
Chaoyang: Uuu... My stomach hurts from the nervousness...
Rabi: It's alright, Chaoyang, everyone will welcome us kindly. Our fans are such people, you know?
Lucas: You have no other choice but to do it, Chaoyang. Face forward without fear. ... We are with you, right?
Chaoyang: Rabi-san, Lucas...
Noah: By the way, have you been able to keep our dance a secret until today?
Rabi: Yes, since I said I wanted everything relating to this song to leave to us.
Leon: Producer will be surprised~! And then she'll fall in love with me all over again! Uhehe.
Leon: If she says "I love you, Leon-kun!" after the performance, what should I do~!
Noah: Leon, keep the sleep talk for when you're sleeping.
Leon: But I'm extremely awake!?
Noah: Listen, everyone. Since we're setting up a surprise from here on, mistakes are not allowed.
Rabi: Don't say it with such pressure...
Noah: It's the truth, isn't it? ... I dislike not being precise.
Noah: I decided to do my best now.
Creation 07 3 (3)
Noah: Are you ready?
Noah: That's a good response. Now then, let's go to our new stage!
Creation 07 3 (4)
Noah: Today, we're going to show all of you our new selves.
Leon: We're going to shine even more brightly than ever before now!
Chaoyang: I'm not good at expressing it like this, but I'll do my best for everyone.
Rabi: I never thought this day would come, but I'm very glad I can make everyone happy.
Lucas: Thank you for loving our music until today. I promise to not neglect my devotion in the future as well.
Lucas: As the first step, please listen to this song.
Noah: We'll show you the best performance that we can do now.
Noah: We are...
Creation 07 3 (5)
I♥B: Producer!!
Producer: Welcome back, everyone!
Chaoyang: Your eyes are red... are you alright?
Producer: That is...
Noah: Did it move you this much? Our performance, that is.
Producer: ... After all, I didn't hear you were going to include dancing.
Creation 07 3 (6)
Rabi: We wanted to surprise you... I'm sorry for giving you so much to worry about.
Producer: ... You caused me a lot of worry.
Creation 07 3 (7)
Leon: Hey, hey, Producer! Was I cool?
Producer: Yes! Of course the dancing was, but... the interlude solo was amazing too! Since when did you arrange something like it?
Leon: Nishishi! It's the result of my pursuit for coolness!
Creation 07 3 (8)
Lucas: ... Thanks to you, I was able to hear cheers of the fans I haven't heard up until now. --Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Producer: It is me who would like to thank you. ... You showed me a wonderful Live.
Creation 07 3 (9)
Noah: But we still don't want to be satisfied with these things.
Noah: We want to fly higher and higher. ... But we'll need to borrow your strength for that.
Creation 07 3 (10)
Chaoyang: We'll put in even more effort than before. That's why... From now on, please watch over us closer than anyone.
Producer: --Yes!

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