Chapter 10-1 (1)
Kokoro: (If I give up here, I won't be able to become a real idol!)
Kokoro: ! This song...Seiya Aido!
Chapter 10-1 (2)
Seiya: Everyone! Are you charged up?!
Male Fan: Uwah! What a loud voice!!
Female Fan: Ahaha! It seems some incredible group appeared!
Seiya: Kokoro isn't the only I-Chu of Etoile! I plan on becoming one, too!
Male Fan: "Plan on becoming"?!
Female Fan: He's interesting, so I'll cheer them on!
Seiya: I plan on making everyone here smile and get officialy approved as an I-Chu by the office, so let's get along!
Seiya: And I'll also become Japan's first samurai idol!
Male Fan: Samurai...idol?
Akira: Leaving aside what Seiya just said, from now on, we're going to make everyone excited, so follow us!
Kanata: Let's spend time smiling and having lo~ts of fun together~!
Seiya: I will resound my burning soul!
Chapter 10-1 (3)
Kokoro: That Seiya...He's standing out more than me!
Kokoro: But, I'm glad that everyone's smile returned....
Kokoro: (I wasn't able to do what I should've done by myself.)
Kokoro: (This time I lost, huh...I'll accept it. Things that you can't do alone can be done if you're in a group, right?)
Seiya: Ko~Ko~Ro~!
Kokoro: Wh-why are you passing through the audience and coming here?!
Chapter 10-1 (4)
Seiya: Hya-, I got crashed by the audience!
Kokoro: That's not the answer!
Seiya: Ah? But I thought you would feel lonely being alone here.
Kokoro: Even so, you're still in the middle of the song!
Chapter 10-1 (5)
Seiya: Hehe! It's about to finish so I'm passing the baton!
Kokoro: Eh?
Seiya: About this time, the producer must have finished preparing your back-up song.
Seiya: I raged at her to prepare it while we were standing on stage. I absolutely wanted to do something!
Kokoro: Seiya...and even the producer...Really, you guys are idiots...
Seiya: Then, Kokoro. Is it okay if I pass the baton?
Chapter 10-1 (6)
Kokoro: Of course it is. Who do you think I am?
Seiya: Then, give me your hand--
Male Fan: Oh! Kokoro-chan's song returned!
Female Fan: Whaaat. So this was a part of the production, huh~
Seiya: Ah! Right...I forgot.
Seiya: Since we came to an understanding, let's hug to mark our affection!
*hugs tightly*
Kokoro: Wha-?! Wait, I didn't say I came to an understanding with you! Let go of me, idiot!!
Seiya: Hm? Kokoro...You-
Kokoro: Wh-what?
Seiya: Hm...Well, nevermind! Then, after you finish, let's hug again!
Chapter 10-1 (7)
Kokoro: I'm definitely not hugging you anymore!
Male Fan: Ah~ My Kokoro-chan got-!!
Female Fan: Ahaha! It's the first time I've seen such an interesting live~
Chapter 10-1 (8)
Kokoro: (Ever since he came out, everyone has been lively.)
Kokoro: (I won't lose to him...)
Kokoro: Everyone! Sorry for making you wait!! You still have some energy left, right?
Kokoro: Then, let's go! Be sure to follow me!

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