Chapter 10-2 (1)
Kumakocho: Really~ Everyone, thank you for your hard work~
Kumakocho: It seems stuff happened midway, but somehow you were able to safely solve it~
Producer: Such a thing happened even though I followed them. I'm really sorry.
Kumakocho: It was an unexpected situation so it can't be helped~. You managed to safely make it a success, so I won't say anything more.
Producer: Thank you very much.
Kumakocho: Yes, yes. But more importantly...Is it okay to assume that their relationships have become deeper?
Chapter 10-2 (2)
Leon: Seiya! It's unfair of you to hug Kokoro-san!
Seiya: Why? You can do it too. It's a hug of affection, after all!
Kokoro: Enough, I won't hug anyone anymore!
Leon: That can't be~ I want to hug girls too!
Seiya: Kokoro isn't a girl, you know?
Leon: Yep yep, Kokoro isn't a-...............Eh?
Seiya: Again, I'm saying that Kokoro isn't a girl, but a guy!
Producer: That way of talking isn't right. It'd be more accurate to call him-
Producer: A crossdresser.
Leon: ...
Chapter 10-2 (3)
Leon: ...What?
Kokoro: Aaaaah!! Producer, you idiot, idiot~! That was supposed to be a secret~
Producer: You're right, I'm sorry. I thought it would have been better if I explained it to everyone...
Chapter 10-2 (4)
Shiki: As I thought, he was a boy after all.
Rabi: Did you know it from the beginning?
Shiki: Fufuu. I really like girls, so I was able to distinguish the gender ☆
Akio: Shiki-kun, you're the worst....fuhii.
Chapter 10-2 (5)
Leon: It's a lie...Kokoro being a boy is a lie!!
Leon: She's so cute! No, there's no way Kokoro is a boy!
Seiya: If you hugged him, you would understand!
Kokoro: Didn't I just say that hugging me is prohibited!!
Seiya: ...Yes. Leon, don't worry! Kokoro IS a boy!
Leon: It's the opposite, I didn't want to know it!
Producer: Yes, yes. That's enough, please calm down now.
Producer: That said, today you did a really great job!
Producer: Today finishes with this. As planned, let's meet at Etoile Vio School tomorrow!
Producer: Well then, you can go!
Chapter 10-2 (6)
Seiya: Ah! Producer!
Producer: Hm? What is it, Aido-kun?
Seiya: Thank you for believing in me today!
Producer: You don't need to go out of your way to thank me for such thing.
Chapter 10-2 (7)
Seiya: Hehe! But, I feel like today I became closer with you and Kokoro!
Producer: You're right. I think so too, Aido-kun.
Seiya: Producer.....Then, let's hug to cele---
Producer: I won't be fooled by that.
Seiya: Damn! Well, for now it's ok! See you tomorrow!
Chapter 10-2 (8)
Producer: Seiya Aido, huh....President, he might grow into an interesting I-Chu.
Kumakocho: Fufufu~ It's enjoyable to look at the youngsters growing~♪

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