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Chapter 10-3 (1)
Kumakocho: Everyone, Bonjour~
Kumakocho: Today I'll announce the valuations about yesterday's street live that everyone was looking forward to~
Kumakocho: U~~ Tres~Bien!! Everyone worked very hard~
Kumakocho: Even if I'm the president I'm really proud of you! Ahem!
Chapter 10-3 (2)
Noah: It somewhat feels like he's spoiling kids....
Torahiko: We have to honestly feel happy about it! Nishishi!
Seiya: It was my first street live! I really enjoyed myself!
Chapter 10-3 (3)
Kumakocho: Since I got to see your real abilities I'll now announce the group na~mes!
Mutsuki: Group names? Now that I think about it, we didn't have one.
Satsuki: He suddenly told us to do a street live so we didn't have time to think about a name!
Kumakocho: Ufufu~ I thought about names that would fit you guys perfectly all night, to the point where my skin became dry~
Hikaru: That's not good! Lack of sleep is the natural enemy of a beautiful skin!
Kumakocho: Right, right. Thank you for worrying about me, Hikaru-kun.
Kumakocho: Well then, now the announcement! First we start with Torahiko-kun, Kyosuke-kun, Akio-kun, Shiki-kun, Hikaru-kun and Raku-kun.
Kumakocho: From now on you will be called "ArS"! I wonder if you know the meaning~♪
Kumakocho: Then, Noah-kun, Leon-kun, Chaoyang-kun, Rabi-kun and Lucas-kun.
Kumakocho: Starting from today you're "I♥B"~ Ufufu. Isn't the heart mark cute~
Kumakocho: And then Satsuki-kun and Mutsuki-kun.
Kumakocho: You twins will be called "Twinkle Bell"~ The ringing sound of the bells♪
Chapter 10-3 (4)
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